16 March 2011

Swimsuits That Flatter "Real" Bodies.

My Dear Friends,

Nothing is more stressful (and depressing) than trying on swimsuits. Swimsuits always look so good in the magazines, but so … awkward … in the dressing room. It has probably happened to you—you pick out the perfect suit, one that is flirty, fashionable and totally amazing in every way, but when you actually put it on, it sags in all the wrong places and shows all the things you would rather keep hidden—like love handles.

Many women resign themselves to a sad future of awkward swimsuits, thinking that they have no other choice, but that doesn’t have to be you. You can look just as amazing in your swimsuit as the girls in the beauty pageant if you know how to pick the right swimsuit, and here are some tips to help make that happen.

 • Less isn’t more – Some swimsuit trends seem to be going skimpier and more revealing than would be decent even one year ago, but string bikinis don’t do a lot to cover your problem areas. This is especially true for plus size swimwear. Look for longer tankini's to hide stomach flab, and make sure the suit is made of good quality materials.  The thinner and cheaper the fabric, the more your rolls will show through, but if you get a thicker material, your tankini top will act like more of a shirt, even when wet.

 • Support is a good thing – Swimsuits that have underwires or some sort of support can do a lot for your figure. Find swimwear that will highlight your good points and hide your problem areas. If you have a little extra baby fat, look for tankini bottoms that control your midsection. Swimsuits that offer shaping will go a long ways toward making you feel more comfortable in your skin.

• Get the right size – Some people are so concerned about being a particular size that they buy a suit that doesn’t fit them properly. They insist that they are a Medium, even if the Large looks better. Many women have the same stigma against buying jeans in the right size. No one will know what size is printed on the tag, so buy the suit that fits well without squeezing your body into an unnatural shape.

Buying a swimsuit doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. If you know the tips and tricks, you can find the right suit for your body that also fits in with the trends—rather than resigning yourself to forever wearing an unflattering swimsuit.

This guest post was written by a friend of Fashion In The Forest — Hapari Swimwear — Providing swimwear for real women that looks good not only on the website, but on you too!

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