01 March 2011

Victoria's Secret Reward Card Promotion!

My Dear Friends,

Once again, Victoria's Secret is running their Secret Reward Card Promotion, this time it's not just for Angel card holders! Simply visit any participating Victoria's Secret store or shop online from now until March 31st. When you make a $10 or larger purchase, you will receive a "Secret Reward Card" worth at least $10. Starting April 1st, take your card into your participating Victoria's Secret to find out how much it is worth. You could be holding onto a $10, $50, $100, or $500 gift card! You must use your Secrets Rewards Card by April 30th, 2011.

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The Survival Mama said...

oooh. good to know. I'm in dire need of a VS trip!!

Congrats on the spotlight, swinging by from the blog hop!
The Survival Mama