26 April 2011

A Night Of Destruction.

My Dear Friends,

I apologize for the absence of a post yesterday but the weather kept me from being on the computer.  You see, I'm from Arkansas and our state got hit with terrible, devastating storms during the day as well as last night.  I'm sure you've seen it on your news; we had tornadoes, lightening, thunder, mass amounts of rain - destruction rampant throughout the state.  Please keep us in your thoughts, as a lot of people lost homes, schools, jobs, and lives last night.  We are due for another round of storms this evening.  I can only hope it will not be as terrible as last night. 

Thank you for understanding. 

Here are some news articles to help you stay informed:

MSN - Arkansas Tornado Coverage

CNN - Flooding Coverage

CNN - Arkansas Tornadoes & Flooding

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