03 August 2011


My Dear Friends,

You know I like to be organized.  In my perfect world, everything would be in it's place, perfectly organized and labeled so it would be easy to find.  Now, we all know life isn't like that.  We are on the go.....we rush.....we are always in a state of motion and sometimes you don't always get the most organized results.

One of the issues I'd like to tackle is my Gym Bag.  I don't like taking my purse to the Gym, so I'd bring my wallet.  But then there's my keys....and my cell....and who knows what else!  When it's all said and done, you might as well packed a bag!  Don't get just any bag....Get a GloBag!

"Gym Locker Organizer" "Gym Bag" "Fitness"

Glo stands for Gym Locker Organizer, and this is a must have bag for anyone who spends time in gym locker rooms! It would be perfect for student athletes or busy adults.  Designed by two moms, Jennifer and Kendra, who were sick of asking these questions of their old gym bags.
1. Why won’t my bag fit in the locker at the gym without turning it every which way?

2. Why do I have to continually remove the bag and put it back in, in an effort to dig through and find what I need?

3. Why can’t I keep my shoes away from my other things, and quickly grab needed items (like toiletries) without hassle?
The GloBag thinks of just about everything!

"Gym Locker Organizer" "Gym Bag" "Fitness"

The GloBag is designed to fit into any gym locker and allow you easy access without having to even remove the bag from the locker.  The separate compartments in the bag allow you to store everything you need without worrying about cross-contamination.  There are three different handles for easy traveling as well as multiple pockets for easy storage.

Here are the bag specs:
•A zippered off section of your bag to store towels, clean clothes, and more.
•The middle section comes with a shower/make-up bag that you can take into the shower for easy access to your shampoo and other items.  This section also contains a wet-bag so you can store all your wet or sweaty clothes.
•The bottom section is perfect for your shoes.  Say goodbye to cross contamination or your smelly shoes making the rest of your bag stink.
•There are many pockets in this bag.  Store your cell, mp3 player & more!
•A large outside pocket perfect for your water bottle!

You can buy GloBag online for $119.00.  It comes with the hanging toiletries bag as well as the wet bag.  The Glo Bag comes in Gold, Silver, or Black.

Another great feature on the website is a line of clothing and accessories!  Buy bracelets, shirts, water bottles and more right there on the user-friendly site.

Want to see the Glo Bag in action?  Here's a YouTube video explaining it all!



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