15 July 2011

Ann Clark Ltd. - The Cookie Cutter People From Vermont

My Dear Friends,

I am a closet baker.  I have that crazy dream of one day opening a successful, fun bakery.  One that feels comfy & cozy, that you could read in, have coffee with friends - and best of all, delicious pastries, pies, cakes and cookies!

The people at Ann Clark Ltd. want to help you (& me) get a little closer to our dreams and goals.  Whether you want to open a bakery, like me, or just want to make some awesome decorated cookies - The Cookie Cutter People From Vermont can fix you up!

Each cookie cutter is hand-crafted in Vermont and comes with a tasty, original recipe!  

Whether you want Traditional Cookie Cutters like angels, butterflies, pumpkins....or Contemporary Cookie Cutters like martini glasses and princess crowns - you can find them all at Ann Clark Ltd.  You can even get Custom Cookie Cutters made!

Literally every shape cookie cutter you could think of is right there on the site.  Eiffel Towers, elephants, pineapples, snowflakes, tea pots, wedding cakes, states, dragonflies, owls, fire hydrants....the list goes on and on (and on!).

Their website also offers a comprehensive recipe listing - over 50 recipes for cookies, icings, glazes, biscuits, sandwiches, pet treats, & more.  If you follow their blog, Eat More Cookies, you can red all about the greatness as well as get new recipes each week!

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*The amazing people at Ann Clark Ltd. sent me a few cutters to review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged & these opinions are my own.  Thank You to Ann Clark Ltd!  You are fantastic!

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