13 July 2011

FITF ♥s Carolina Pad!

My Dear Friends,

It's no secret that I like to stay organized.  I have notebooks everywhere, markers for color coding, stickers for decorating & a label maker that has definitely paid for itself in spades! 

I have a few favorite things that I use in my efforts to battle clutter and disarray. 

I wanted to share with you today some of my favorite Carolina Pad products.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll jump on the organized bandwagon yourself!

I keep a dry erase board by my desk in case I need to jot down ideas, thoughts, etc. when I am writing my blog posts.  The Laguna Collection Dry Erase Board matches my room perfectly in color.  

The Simply Chic Collection Ideal Book (my favorite style is "Ogee") is the perfect size to keep in my purse.  It works great for me considering I always need something to write on, whether it is movie show times or a recipe I want to try.

Another notebook that is convenient to have is the Carnaby Street Collection 3 Subject notebook.  I love the interior pocket & tab dividers.  It makes things easy to sort through!

A must-have is a good pocket calendar.  The Carnival Collection Pocket Calendar (my favorite style is "Dots"...simple yet chic!) is perfect for remembering appointments, birthdays and the like without taking up a lot of valuable purse space.

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Anonymous said...

My calendars and journals have all been shamelessly replaced by my iPhone. Ahhhh, technology! LOL