11 July 2011

Kim & Scott's Preztel Company

My Dear Friends,

As I've mentioned before, I love pretzels.  They're just so versatile!  So when I heard about the wonder that is Kim & Scott's, I just HAD to try them out!

 Imagine a unique twist to your grab-and-go meal! Kim & Scott's offers an assortment of amazing, ready-to-heat pretzels, using ALL-NATURAL and PREMIUM ingredients, like freshly shredded cheeses, hearty spices, unbleached flour and whole grains. They combine a traditional European recipe with their own special twist, creating a truly handmade soft pretzel that is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Kim & Scott's offers four types of products for you to enjoy:

Classic Pretzels - Traditional Bavarian & Sourdough Parmesan

Stuffed Pretzels - Apple Cinnamon, Cheddar Jalapeno, Chocolate Crumb, Cinnamon Roll, Cream Cheese, Egg & Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Pizza & Spinach Feta

Gluten Free - Classic Soft Pretzel

Stuffed Bagels - Egg & Cheese, Cream Cheese & Cinnamon Roll

My personal favorites are the grilled cheese stuffed pretzel & the Chocolate Crumb.  Every Kim & Scott's pretzel that I've tried has been moist, tasty, soft and filled with wonderful flavors & fillings!

Here are Kim & Scott to tell you a little about themselves & their amazing company:

"We met at a Chicago book signing by a wondrous author, Richard Bach, who writes about soul-mates and airplanes. We decided to express our joy by flying high together inside a passionate soft pretzel business and nurture the world with our deliciously twisted and inspired products.
We’ve added a unique twist to the ancient pretzel by creating a variety of delicious flavors, using custom recipes and premium ingredients. Twisted by hand and baked from scratch, our unique soft pretzels make a wonderful snack anytime!" -Kim & Scott Holstein

You can buy Kim & Scott's Pretzels Online or use the handy Find A Retailer page.

You can connect with Kim & Scott's Pretzels in a variety of different ways!  

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 *Kim & Scott's Pretzels sent me some pretzels for review.  I received no monetary compensation in exchange for this review.  These opinions are my own.  Thank you to Kim & Scott's!


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