17 August 2011

Accessorize with Color-My-Eyes! {GIVEAWAY}

My Dear Friends,

(This is a SPA FOR MA Bonus Contest!)

I've used Color-My-Eyes for years.  I love to wear colored contacts.  Your eye color can change so much about your appearance, whether you want darker, lighter or brighter eyes!

You have so many choices for contact lenses, both online and through your eye doctor's office....what's a person to do?  That's where Color-My-Eyes comes in!  All their contacts are FDA Approved, so you can be certain the contact lenses you are buying are of great quality!

I was asked to review three different contact lenses:  The Calaview Natural, The Calaview Azalea & The ColorNova.

The ColorNova Colored Contacts come in five different colors -

ColorNova Blue

ColorNova Gray

ColorNova Green

ColorNova Hazel

ColorNova Violet

The Calaview Azalea Colored Contacts come in five different colors -

Calaview Azalea Blue

Calaview Azalea Gray

Calaview Azalea Green

Calaview Azalea Hazel

Calaview Azalea Violet

The Calaview Natural Color Contacts come in five colors -

Calaview Blue

Calaview Gray

Calaview Hazel

Calaview Jade Green

Calaview Violet

Since day one, I have been impressed with Color-My-Eyes.  They have a very user-friendly website and pleasant, knowledgeable customer service.

My natural eye color is a dark olive green.  I familiarized myself with how to pick the right contact lenses by reading the "Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes" information page.  You can even narrow down your selection by what types of eyes you have:  Light, Medium or Dark.  You can even buy Halloween, Theatrical & Novelty lenses at Color-My-Eyes!

Color-My-Eyes does not charge sales tax so they save YOU money on your lenses!  To ensure that you have the best contact lens shopping experience at Color-My-Eyes they have provided a low cost flat rate shipping option. All orders qualify regardless of value and there is no special process needed to claim this benefit - it is automatic! If you are a US customer, just select the "Economy" shipping option during checkout. The cost is only $4.09.  It's that simple. Economy shipping applies to US domestic orders only. "Economy" shipping orders are shipped via US Postal Services First Class mail and take about 4-5 business days to arrive from the shipment date.

 Want To Try A Pair For Free?

Color-My-Eyes has graciously offered FIVE Fashion In The Forest readers their choice of a pair of contact lenses from either the Calaview Natural, Calaview Azalea or ColorNova line of contact lenses.  These lenses come without a prescription.

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Christine said...

Fun giveaway! I finally got contacts, so now I can try out some cool colored ones! -Christine at Why We Love Green http://whywelovegreen.blogspot.com, visiting from Triberr

littleangel_mw said...

I agree with the previous statement. Great, fun giveaway. :)