19 August 2011

{Baby Blogging} Bebe Diva Wear

My Dear Friends,

Bebe Diva Wear is a shop I found on Etsy while browsing for cute baby headbands.  I recently hosted a baby shower for my friend "G", who is going to have a lovely little girl in September.  I absolutely adore the baby headband trend.  It works especially well with babies who were born with a little less hair.  No one wants people coming up to your little girl and saying "Oh what a cute little boy you have!"...that doesn't go over well, most times.

What do you do to correct the situation?  You put an adorable, outfit matching headband on your little cutie!  Bebe Diva Wear makes one size fits all, fabric no-clips-attached flowered headbands that are out of this world lovely!

The owner, Rachel, strives to make comfortable, wearable & above all - gorgeous headbands for your darling little girl. Rachel doesn't stop at headbands, though.  Her shop also carries decorative ponytail holders & adult headbands!

Below are some of my favorite Bebe Diva Wear creations:
(click on the photos to purchase or see her Etsy shop)

Prices range from $6-$12 so they are very affordable to buy for yourself or give as a gift!  You can connect with Rachel @ Bebe Diva Wear through her Facebook or her Etsy!

*Bebe Diva Wear supplied two headbands free of charge for the baby shower I hosted.  
All opinions are my own and no money was given.

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