31 October 2011

INCREDIBLE JewelMint Deal! (Expires at Midnight on 10/31)

My Dear Friends,

Check this deal out!  I can't believe JewelMint is doing something so awesome!

Photo: JewelMint
This deal is seriously INCREDIBLE!

Here's a rundown of what JewelMint's New BewitchMint Bag includes:
  • Receive 2 or more (randomly chosen) JewelMint pieces in each bag

Each bag could include one of the following:
  • A $90 Prestige Collection Piece (not yet released)
  • The Limited Edition $60 AdornMint Box
  • Best-Sellers like the Aqua Bomb Ring, the Rachel Earrings, or the Golden Goose Bracelet
  • + many more prizes could be included.

No promo code is necessary for this deal. You may purchase as many bags as you like - this deal is completely unlimited!

Click here to find the BewitchMint Bag on JewelMint.com!

27 October 2011

Giant Mircrobes are hilarious & fun! (Trick or Treat Hop Sponsor)

My Dear Friends,

I love pretty much everything Halloween.  That's no secret around here!   When I discovered Giant Microbes, I was awestruck at how hilarious and fun they were.  There's a Giant Microbes for almost every disease you can think of! 

The Giant Microbes catalog is broken up alphabetically.  Looking for something stinky like bad breath or gross like maggots?  How about something unfortunate like the clap or a sickness like pneumonia?
Yep, they've got them. 

What about something tasty like yogurt or annoying like a housefly?  Something evil like the black death or scary like the swine flu?
Oh yeah, they're here too.

The Brain Cell Petri Dish has been named a finalist in the Fat Brain Toy Awards for best of the best in toys and games! I would appreciate any help in spreading the word on votes. Voting will end on Nov 8:  VOTE HERE!

Connect With Giant Microbes

26 October 2011

Triberr Explained.

My Dear Friends,

I've had some questions from readers as to what exactly Triberr is so I thought I'd share what I have learned so maybe it will help you out as well.  Keep in mind that Triberr is an evolving creature and adds new features all the time.  I'll try my best to keep you updated on the newest happenings. 

What Is Triberr?
Simply put, Triberr is a tweet multiplier - meaning when you produce a blog post, it goes into your "stream", also known as a queue where your Triberr followers will re-tweet said post. Your stream can be set where your tweets are automatically re-tweeted (auto) or where you must manually log-in to Triberr and re-tweet them yourself (manual).
Your stream is always available for viewing once you log in to your account.  You can pause or delete any of the tribe’ s tweets that your readers may find irrelevant or inappropriate at any time. Another Triberr term is "reach", which is the number of twitter followers of all your tribe members combined.  This means that all the members of each tribe I am in will re-tweet my post to their followers, and those people's followers will see my posts as well.  To see your "reach" just go to the Home Tab on Triberr.
It's like that old saying "one person tells one person who tells one person, etc...." but in a much larger scale.

Tribes:  Joining The Club
"Tribes" are like clubs.  You would join a tribe where you felt like you fit in.  There are tribes for pretty much every type of blogger.  Once you are logged in to Triberr, just click the "Tribes" button to be taken to all the tribes you belong to.  Another perk of Triberr is that you get to be a chief of your own tribe.  You can do whatever you want with your own personal group.  As a Chief, you start out with 3 tribes with 7 member slots.  Inviting people to Triberr or starting a "bonfire" (this will be explained in a minute) to recruit new members is easy.  Once you have your 7 member slots occupied, it will cost "bones" (Triberr currency) to add additional slots.  At this time, you can only be the chief of 3 tribes.
You are only allowed to join one additional tribe unless that new tribe inviting you has unlocked "inbreeding" (explained below).  The part I struggle with is getting NEW people to join Triberr.  You have to recruit 5 new members before you can unlock inbreeding and I have yet to get five people who haven't heard about the awesomeness that is Triberr.  If you are reading this, and are interested in joining, please email me at typicaltype@hotmail.com or send me a PM on Twitter at twitter.com/officialfitf.

Bones, Inbreeding, Bonfires & Karma...
Joining Triberr entitles you to 100 bones.  "Bones" are currency on Triberr which allow you to expand your tribe, join a tribe or set off inbreeding.  It takes 50 bones to join a group & 30 bones to expand a tribe.  You can get more bones by giving “karma”– a thumbs up or thumbs down system of approving or rejecting a post by your fellow tribe members.  The amount of bones you get for your karma choice varies.  I always 'thumbs up' posts, because why would you want to 'thumbs down' a fellow member?  If you are looking to get more bones without actually paying money for them, this is the way to go.

Inbreeding on Triberr allows you to add people who are already Triberr members into your tribe.  Inbreeding can start once you have 5 members in a tribe besides yourself.  Inbreeding costs 60 bones to add to your tribe.  It is well worth it if your focus is getting more exposure in the blogging world.

The purpose of a bonfire is to let people know you have a question or are looking for something, such as a tribe to join or members for your tribe.  Posting a bonfire is a great way to get your answers.

Tribe Rules & Regulations
Typically, the tribe chief will set some ground rules for their tribe.  After all, this is their own personal group and they have a right to approve or deny what gets tweeted out of it.  For example, one tribe I am in prefers that you have all tribe members set on "auto" so that you don't have to manually tweet everyone's posts.  If you feel you need to manually delete a tweet for any reason, you can delete them.  An example would be if a member has an adult related post that you do not feel comfortable sharing.

You can also decide to set tribe members to "manual" if you want to be in complete control of what you tweet out.  If you look in your stream and see a tweet highlighted in pink, that means it is either a manual tweet or a tweet that is too close to another one in proximity to when it is being sent.

Tribe Talkin'
Communicating with your tribe is easy.  When you select what tribe you'd like to talk with on your "Tribes" menu, it will take you directly to that tribe's page.  There will be a box to type in, so put what you'd like to say right there, then click send.  Simple!  For example, I am a member of a few Giveaway/Review tribes and we share with each other news of our current contests, great sponsor opportunities and the like.  It's a great way to keep your tribe members involved in your blog and help get new followers as well!

Triberr Dictionary
Tribe - The group you belong to or are chief of.
Chief - Leader of a tribe.
Bonfire - Kind of a "want ad" for new members or questions pertaining to blogging or the website itself.
Bones - Triberr currency.  Bones are used to expand your tribe or join a new tribe.
Reach - The number of Twitter followers of all your tribe member combined.
Stream - Your queue of posts being sent via Twitter.
Inbreeding - Where Triberr members ask one another to join a tribe.  Inbreeding only works when it is unlocked by bringing 5 new people to Triberr.

I hope I've helped you learn a little bit more about Triberr.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like an invite!  Thanks for reading Fashion In The Forest!

Choose Dali Decals!

My Dear Friends,

Vinyl decals are all the rage right now.  In an instant you can perk up a room....just add a decal!  With Halloween coming up soon, you'd be one smart cookie to order some peel-&-stick decals from Dali Decals!

Want a spooky tree or scary pumpkin?  Fancy a black cat, cute witch or some wriggly spiders?  Dali Decals has you covered!

Check out some of the cute designs they have!  (You can click the picture to be taken directly to the page!)

Connect With Dali Decals

Would you like to win a $20 Dali Decals gift certificate? Come back on October 28th to enter to win!  All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below (starting on 10/28) and you're entered to win!

25 October 2011

Harvest Halloween Winners

My Dear Friends,

First off, I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contests.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Welcome to new followers as well!  I hope you like it here! 

I just wanted to let you know that there will be another giveaway hop, the Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Hop, which starts on October 28th.  I've got some great sponsors for the event and I hope to see you all there!

Now...without further ado, here are the winners of the Harvest Halloween Hop!

We Love Colors - Stephanie Miller

If You Care - Gloria Schumann

Zombee Candle - Jessica Lucas

Shabby Apple - Jessica Ledford

Mooney Farms - Cheryl Free

IZ BYER - Stephanie Albro

Again, a HUGE thank you goes out to all our amazing sponsors:  We Love Colors, If You Care, Zombee Candle, Shabby Apple, Mooney Farms, & IZ BYER.  They're great, aren't they? :)

Check Out Chico Bag! (Trick Or Treat Hop Sponsor)


My Dear Friends,

The ChicoBag™ Company is equipping humanity with tools that will help eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use paper and plastic bags.  They design reusable bags that are durable, tasteful and most importantly unforgettable. 

Here's their story:
"In early 2004, Andy Keller, now ChicoBag™ president, took a trip to his local landfill after spending the day landscaping his backyard. He was horrified by what he saw. Single-use bags were visually the dominant article at the landfill that day, blanketing the landscape in a thin mix of white and beige plastic. On his way home he began to notice plastic bags everywhere, caught in trees and on fence posts, half drowned in gutter puddles and blowing in the streets like urban tumbleweeds. That day Andy vowed to stop using single-use bags. Inspired, Andy dropped a few bucks on a second hand sewing machine and began sewing what would ultimately become the first ChicoBag™ brand reusable bag.
Andy understood that a reusable bag was only valuable if it was reused.  He knew his challenge was larger than designing any ordinary reusable bag – this reusable bag needed to be designed to be unforgettable. It needed to be small enough to tote in a pocket and have features that allowed it to clip anywhere.
After countless hours, fabrics and prototypes the Original ChicoBag™ brand reusable bag, complete with an integrated stuff pouch and attached carabiner, was born.  Andy’s ChicoBag™ brand reusable bags were first sold in 2005 on Earth Day at the Farmers Market in Chico, CA.  Initially only available in white, the Original has evolved to include eleven color choices. 
In 2008, ChicoBag™ introduced trademarked rePETe™ products as part of an evolving effort to reduce our environmental impact. rePETe™ is a term we use to help our customers identify which ChicoBag™ brand products are made using recycled content. Every product with the rePETe™ logo is manufactured using recycled materials. Our rePETe™ products bring us one step closer to providing consumers with a closed loop solution. 
ChicoBag™ is now an industry leader in the compact reusable bag movement and a leading innovator of fashionable, lightweight, bags and packs that can be easily stuffed into an integrated pouch. ChicoBag™ provides a wide array of reusable bags that are meant to deliver solutions to every lifestyle. Our commitment to the environment drives us to provide a trusted brand and a portfolio of quality products aimed at helping humanity solve the environmental challenges ahead.

The Chico Bag is perfect to use as a purse or shopping tote. Use the duffel bag to carry your sports or gym equipment.  Take your produce bags with you to the grocery store and cut down on the plastic bag use!

Pssst!....Guess What?
One lucky Fashion In The Forest reader will win a Chico Bag Resuable Bag!

Come back on October 28th to enter to win a Chico Bag as part of the Trick Or Treat Halloween Hop!

Connect With Chico Bag

Don't forget to come back on October 28th to enter to win!

*chico bag supplied a bag for review and one for a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.  all opinions are my own and no money exchanged hands.  thank you, chico bag!  what you're doing for the world is amazing!

The Harvest Halloween Blog Hop Giveaway is LIVE!

My Dear Friends,

The "A Harvest Halloween" Blog Hop Giveaway is here!  The contest runs from October 14th to October 24th.  Welcome everyone!

Listed below are the direct links to the Rafflecopter entry forms.  Simply click the link on whatever contests you want to enter, fill out the form, and that's it!  Simple, huh? :)  Good luck to everyone!  Thank you for visiting Fashion In The Forest!

Here is a complete list of all 
 "A Harvest Halloween" participants:

24 October 2011

Gaiam: Learn - Live - Grow

My Dear Friends,

Gaiam is a company working to become the source for individuals and businesses interested in natural health, ecological lifestyles, personal growth and sustainable commerce.  They offer the highest quality branded products and services available, many of which are exclusively produced for Gaiam.

Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1988, Gaiam (pronounced "guy-um"), is a fusion of the words "Gaia" and "I am".  Gaia, mother Earth, was honored on the Isle of Crete in ancient Greece 5,000 years ago by the Minoan civilization. This civilization valued education, art, science, recreation, and the environment and believed that the Earth was directly connected to its existence and daily life.

The concept of Gaia stems from the ancient philosophy that the Earth is a living entity. At Gaiam, they believe that all of the Earth's living matter, air, oceans and land form an interconnected system that can be seen as a single entity. The word Gaiam represents planetary awareness, preservation and support of the interconnectivity of all living things. By nurturing, protecting and respecting our planet, its natural resources and its inhabitants, we enrich our own lives and those of future generations.

The Gaiam website is a wealth of information.  The store sells items for the home, bed & bath, dvd's, clothing, yoga & fitness as well as a large variety of health and beauty items.  There's even a section of Fair Trade items featuring jewelry, baskets, art work & more!

If you're shopping for a present for someone, check the Gifts section where they feature the Top 25 Green Gifts & Top 25 Yoga Gifts.  You can also search by price or recipient.  There's even a Clearance section full of great items at discounted prices.

The wonderful people at Gaiam let me choose something to review.  I immediately became smitten by the two dresses on the Fall/Holiday 2011 catalog cover.  They were kind enough to let me review both.  Both dresses I reviewed are available exclusively from Gaiam, which you can purchase online by clicking any of the "Gaiam" links on this page.

The first dress I want to tell you about is the Rose Pleated Dress (Item #04-0819).  The dark plum colored dress features pretty ruffles with raw edges at the neckline.  A series of pleats on the front and back dress in an empire style run up the easy-fitting swing-style tank dress. It is made from 67% rayon from sustainable bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 3% spandex. Measures 38" from back neck to hem. Machine wash, lay flat to dry. (I am 5'1", and this dress falls 'tea length' on me.)

My thoughts:  My first perception is how impossibly soft the dress is.  The material flows so nicely and after wearing it all day at work, it wasn't the slightest big wrinkled.  I love the ruffles around the neckline.  The fact that they're raw ruffles appealed to me, as I think the way it was done allows the dress to be worn in many different ways.  It's not "too polished".

Here are a few ways that I would style the Rose Pleated Dress...

gaiam.com rose pleated dressGaiam.com Rose Pleated Dress

The second dress I picked is the Ruffle Neck SheathThis dress is very slim-fitting.  The sleeveless sheath is silky smooth as it is made of 100% charmeuse silk. Three bands of ruffles accent the scoop neckline. The dress measures 37" from back neck to hem and is dry-clean only.

My thoughts:  I rarely get to wear silk products so this dress is a new experience.  Like the other dress I reviewed, the dress does not bunch up or wrinkle easily.  The fabric is soft and flowing.  The three layers of ruffles add a feminine touch.  This is a fun dress as it can be styled many different ways.

Here are a few ways that I would style the Ruffle Neck Sheath...

gaiam.com ruffled neck sheathgaiam.com ruffled neck sheath

Connect With Gaiam

*i received the two dresses mentioned above for review.  my opinions were not influenced in any 
way and these opinions are my own.  no monetary compensation was given.  thank you, gaiam.

22 October 2011

Go Green With TerraCycle! (Trick Or Treat Hop Sponsor)

My Dear Friends,

TerraCycle is a pioneering upcycling and recycling company which collects non-recyclable trash and repurposes it into new, practical, eco-friendly products.  Their line of products includes backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks, messenger bags, lunchboxes, binders, and homework folders as well as items like wine cork corkboards, picture frames, coasters, mp3 boomboxes & more.

The trash is collected by student groups at schools across the country. Groups, which are called “Brigades,” can collect trash from juice pouches to chip bags to computer keyboards. They sign up for free, and then send their trash in to TerraCycle for free as well. 

For every piece of trash that students send TerraCycle, they receive two points. These points can be used to buy specific charity gifts, such as clean water, or converted to cash and donated to a non-profit or charity – including their school. Many students raise money for their extracurricular activity groups, or to buy new, energy friendly electronics for their school.

The products are made from this non-recyclable packaging, and they are bright, colorful, sturdy and durable.  The back-to-school products are especially neat for kids because they can see the tangible, physical results of their hard work collecting the trash. They can see the difference they are making in working for the environment and encouraging recycling.

I hope that TerraCycle can be a helpful resource in your home, garden & life.  I know that I am very impressed at what this company does for others.  Repurposing things is a great way to recycle old items and make them new and usable!  

I was given the Skittles Eco Boombox to review.  Before the days of mp3 players, I carried around a tape, then CD player pretty much everywhere.  (I know, I know, I'm totally dating myself here!) I just really love listening to music.  I listen now on my iphone but the speakers aren't that loud.  Enter the Skittles Eco Boombox - my volume problems are solved!

Groove greener with this portable boombox made with up to 80% recycled materials. It features a 3.5mm universal plug so you can play music from your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, or computer. Batteries NOT required.  Just plug and go!  It's lightweight, as it is made of Skittles boxes, yet fully functional!

Every year BILLIONS of drink pouches end up in dumpsters and landfills across America. TerraCycle, Capri Sun and Honest Kids are working together to put an end to this tremendous loss of resources. As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle converts pre and post-consumer drink pouch waste material into cool new upcycled products.

TerraCycle has teamed up with Fashion In The Forest to give away a juice pouch pencil case as part of the Trick Or Treat Blog Hop.  Come back on October 28th, fill out the easy Rafflecopter form below and enter to win!

Connect With TerraCycle

21 October 2011

39dollarglasses.com (review)

My Dear Friends,

I lose my glasses all the time.  I don't know why they're so hard to keep up with but they are!  It used to take me for-ev-er to find them, and believe me, wandering around half-blind is neither pretty or productive. 

I discovered 39dollarglasses.com by chance.  I'm glad I did.  Paying $39 for a pair of glasses is definitely cheaper than paying what I did for my original pair at my eye doctor's office.  I don't remember the exact price, but I know for the frames alone, it was over $200!  No more!

At 39dollarglasses.com, the site is very user friendly.  Do you want sunglasses or eyeglasses?  For men, women or kids?  You can also search by frame material, frame color or frame shape.  They also have glasses for those who wear bifocals or progressive lenses.

Ordering is simple & easy!  First pick your frame, then your lenses, then prescription.  You will then be given options as to what package you would like (ie- clear, tinted, polarized, etc.).  You are even given a free hard-shell case with your order!  How awesome is that?!

Connect With 30DollarGlasses.Com

*39dollarglasses.com supplied a coupon code by which I am entitled to a free pair of 
glasses in exchange for an honest review of the website.  all opinions are my own 
and no money was exchanged.  thank you, 39dollarglasses.com!

20 October 2011

{Baby Blogging} Smart Mom Jewelry

My Dear Friends,

I think it's cool in this day and age that you can put a fashionable spin on just about anything.  For instance, say you have a little one who has started teething.  Instead of carrying around all sorts of ice packs, teething rings & the like - just put on some Teething Bling® and you are ready to go.


Babies naturally like to explore, to grab and chew on things, so why not give them something that you actually WANT them to nom-nom on?  Most mommies don't think about wearing jewelry when their babies are little - but now you can! 

Teething Bling® is the original teething jewelry. Made from the same FDA-approved material as most teething toys, their pendants and bangles look great on the adult wearer but are safe for curious babies to handle and chew.

The products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free plus all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.
The Teething Bling® line consists of many different types and styles of jewelry.  Choose from bracelets, pendants & gift sets for the moms or new "babe magnet" ties for the dads.  You can also buy onesies, t-shirts or gift cards!

Think Pink this October! 
Smart Mom Jewelry will give 20% of their "Think Pink" proceeds to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation! (http://www.bcrfcure.org) Order today!

Connect With Smart Mom Jewelry
*smart mom jewelry donated a few pieces for g's baby shower in exchange fro an honest review.  no money exchanged hands and these opinions are my own.  thank you, smart mom jewelry & teething bling!

19 October 2011

Blogs I Love Lately

My Dear Friends,

I just wanted to spotlight a few blogs that I am loving lately.  Here goes!

Trust me, they're worth a read.

{Baby Blogging} Three Lollies: Preggie Pops

My Dear Friends,

Many people believe that products named "Preggie Pops" & "Queasy Pops" could not possibly come from a serious background. Believe it or not, "Preggie Pops" & "Queasy Pops" were conceived and developed by health care professionals!

The developers of Three Lollies researched natural pharmacologic agents, reading through the available literature (both scientific and non-scientific), talking to numerous other health care professionals from a number of disciplines, and most importantly, talking directly to nausea sufferers. Many patients were willing to share their favorite home remedies, and through time and research, we were able to determine which ones really work. We discovered which herbs are truly helpful, and developed flavors that would be appealing to anyone with a queasy stomach.

As healthcare professionals, the creators are dedicated to helping people in need.  From traditional practitioners to the holistic and wellness communities, there seems to be a universal market for a flavorful and simple remedy that makes life a little easier during nauseous times. Three Lollies is thrilled to offer their customers a tasty way to ease their nausea and help through difficult times.

Preggie Pops are available in peppermint, spearmint, lavender, ginger, sour lemon, sour raspberry & sour tangerine.  They can be purchased in a 7-flavor variety pack, a sour flavors pack, an organic flavors pack, a mint flavors pack or an all ginger-flavored pack. A box of 7 retails for $3.95.


Preggie Pop Drops are available in sour lemon, sour raspberry, sour orange and green apple.  They're a hard candy alternative to the traditional lolly.  They come in a 21 piece pack in either the sour flavor variety or green apple only.  A package of 21 pieces retails for $5.50.


My personal favorite, Queasy Pops, come in peppermint, cinnamon, sour lemon, ginger, papaya, sour raspberry and green tea with lemon.  I love these because I tend to develop car sickness when I am traveling and these are perfect!  They come in a variety pack, a natural cola pack, a green apple pack, or a ginger pack.  A package of 7 retails for $3.95.

Queasy Pop Drops are the hard candy alternative to Queasy Pops and come in many flavors, such as ginger, sour raspberry, peppermint, natural cola, green tea with lemon, banana, papaya, & pomegranate.  A pack of 21 lozenges retails for $5.50.


Queasy Pops Kids are specially designed for children and come in natural cola, peppermint, sour raspberry, papaya, cinnamon, green apple and sour lemon flavors.  A package of 7 retails for $3.95.

Smoking Sucks Pops are effective due to a special formulation.  The unique delivery method allows you to replace your cigarette with the lollipop for those who have a strong desire to change their health & their life.  A package of 7 retails for $4.95.

Learn More About Three Lollies

*three lollies donated a pack of preggie pops for g's baby shower.  
all opinions are my own and no money exchanged hands.  
thank you, three lollies.  you rock!

18 October 2011

Get The Shape You Want --- With Miraclesuit!

My Dear Friends,

I remember thinking that I was fat when I was a young girl.  I admittedly wasn't the most toned person out there, and I definitely had a raging sweet tooth, but looking back - I was pretty darn skinny.
....And then I got older.  Let me put it this way - I wish I was as fat now as I thought I was back then! 

Sometimes, to make my tops & dresses fit like they need to, I rely on some 'help', if you know what I mean.  One of the tricks I use is an item from the Cupid Intimates website, in a line they carry called MiracleSuit.  My helping hand, if you will, is the Miraclesuit® Shape with an Edge® Torsette
(Style #2701). 

The Miraclesuit® Shape with an Edge® Torsette combines two and three plies of Tactel® fabric to deliver the maximum comfort-to-control ratio. You can wear it with your own bra for a custom. fit. I chose this particular piece to control my tummy.  I have a flatter, less rounded, stomach & a more defined waist when I wear this.  This piece is considered to be "extra firm control".

I like being able to wear my own bra with my torsette because a lot of times I can't find a whole-body slimmer that fits accurately.  I'm pretty chesty.  I've found that sometimes companies think if you're big on top, you're big on bottom - and that isn't always the case.  You can end up with garments that fit great in one spot but poorly in another.  The Miraclesuit® Shape with an Edge® Torsette allows you to have a great fit all around!  Another feature I love is that I can wear whatever style of bra I want as it is very accommodating to different bra types.

The body is 82% Nylon/18% Spandex exclusive of elastic decoration.  The straps are 89% Polyester/11% Spandex.  Just hand wash warm (non-chlorine bleach is ok!) and line dry - just make sure not to iron!

I love that there are no visible lines peeking out under your clothes and even better - absolutely NO ride-up!  Who wants to sit around all day pulling their undergarments back in place? No one.  The Miraclesuit® Shape with an Edge® Torsette comes in BLACK & NUDE and retails for $47.

MiracleSuit has a variety of answers to your problem areas.  Find a solution for back fat, in between sizes, flabby fanny, large thighs, muffin top, poor posture, saddle bags, tummy pooch, shapewear wedgies, special occasion outfits and body proportion all on one site!
Connect With 
Cupid Intimates & MiracleSuit
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Blog - YouTube - RSS Feed - Website

*The amazing people at miraclesuit sent me the above product to review.  
all opinions are my own and no money was exchanged.  thank you, miraclesuit & cupid intimates!

{Baby Blogging} Wild Dill

My Dear Friends,

While shopping for G's baby, I wanted to get her cute, yet functional, items.  Practical things like blankets, clothes, burp cloths, etc.  I fell in love with this blanket from Wild Dill called the "Swaddle Designs Organic Mod Circles Receiving Blanket".

Perfect for swaddling, this award winning Organic Mod Circles Receiving Blanket by Swaddle Designs is an essential for every new parent and makes a great newborn gift. Beautiful color circles with swaddling instructions are sewn into the edge of every blanket.

This super soft swaddler can be used as an all around blankie that can be conveniently rolled to fit into a diaper bag.  The blanket is 100% organic cotton, sized 42" x 42" and completely machine washable!  The blanket retails for $32.

This blanket is SO soft and super cute.  G's baby looks completely adorable all swaddled up in it:)  Happy baby = happy momma!

Wild Dill is such an incredible store as they carry only natural, organic, fair trade, made in the USA/Europe, or recycled clothing, toys, bedding and furniture for babies and toddlers.  Rest assured the items you buy from Wild Dill are quality made!

Connect With Wild Dill

*Wild Dill donated the Mod Circles blanket in exchange for an honest, truthful review.  
All opinions are my own and no money was exchanged.  Thank you, Wild Dill, for being an awesome company!

17 October 2011

"Color Me Monday" by Sivasdescalzo & We Love Colors

My Dear Friends,

Sivasdescalzo has partnered with We Love Colors to launch the Color Me Monday campaign recently.  

With every purchase made from this site,  girls will receive a pair of tights and boys will receive a pair of laces as long as supplies last.   

Sivasdescalzo would like people to share their colorful pictures on Monday's - hence the name "Color Me Monday". 

Connect With Sivasdescalzo

13 October 2011

Shop IZ BYER at Kohl's!

My Dear Friends,

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere!  This fall is all about Ruffles!  Ruffled scarves, dresses, shoes, tops, cardigans....it's the perfect flirty, feminine accessory!

I'm very excited to tell you about the newest IZ BYER designs, available exclusively at Kohl's.  I've been in love with the BYER brand for years.  They have such chic, well made and affordable designs!  IZ BYER has gorgeous designs available for children and adults - and you can get them exclusively at Kohl's!

The incredible people at IZ BYER are offering one lucky reader this Ruffle Neck Drape Front Cardigan Top - which isn't even in stores yet!

The Ruffle Neck Drape Front Cardigan Top (Style # 107730P) will retail for $38 when it makes it's debut at Kohl's at the end of October.

Want to win one?  Of course you do!  Just fill out this simple Rafflecopter form below (click the 'read more' button) and you're well on your way!  This contest is part of the Harvest Halloween Hop which runs from October 14 to October 24th.  Winners will be announced on October 25th.

Ruffle Neck Drape Front Cardigan Top (Style # 107730P