06 October 2011

{Baby Blogging} Luv's Diapers

My Dear Friends,

I don't know a lot about diapers.  I don't have kids so it's not something I'd be fairly knowledgeable on.  I've been learning a lot from G, since she's got a little one and another on the way.  Apparently there are things to look for in a good diaper.

Luv's are good diapers.

Luv's Diapers run from size "Newborn" to Size 6.

Pick a size, any size. If your little one is anywhere between just-home-from-the-hospital-tiny and wow-I-can-barely-pick-you-up-anymore, Luvs® Diapers will stop leaks. We guarantee it. No, really—check out our Money Back Guarantee

Newborn - 4 to 10 pounds
Size 1 - 8 to 14 pounds
Size 2 - 12 to 18 pounds
Size 3 - 16 to 28 pounds
Size 4 - 22 to 37 pounds
Size 5 - More than 27 pounds
Size 6 - More than 35 pounds

Luv's Wipes are great to help keep baby clean.
Luvs® Ultra Clean Wipes are soft and strong, so your baby gets a thorough clean. And our alcohol-free formulation is great for sensitive baby skin. 

77-count tub
154-count refill
231-count refill
462-count refill
616-count refill

Luv's is confident in their products - 
why else would they have a 100% Leakguard Guarantee?

Luvs® works great on leaks. In fact, we guarantee it! If you are not satisfied with the leakage performance of Luvs (compared to your current brand), we will refund your money. Simply send us your original receipt, the UPC from the diaper package, and one unused Luvs Diaper to the address below. This is limited to one redemption per household or name; no organizations, and the offer expires 12/31/12. Refund is the cost of one bag of diapers, plus $1 for postage.

Luv's has some amazing promotions going on right now!  Did you know that you could enter to win free diapers for a year?  While they're at it, who wants a coupon?

Connect With The Luv-ly People At Luv's

*luvs provided me with coupons for free diapers in exchange for an honest review.  
no money exchanged hands and these opinions are my own.  thank you luvs!  you rock!

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