19 October 2011

{Baby Blogging} Three Lollies: Preggie Pops

My Dear Friends,

Many people believe that products named "Preggie Pops" & "Queasy Pops" could not possibly come from a serious background. Believe it or not, "Preggie Pops" & "Queasy Pops" were conceived and developed by health care professionals!

The developers of Three Lollies researched natural pharmacologic agents, reading through the available literature (both scientific and non-scientific), talking to numerous other health care professionals from a number of disciplines, and most importantly, talking directly to nausea sufferers. Many patients were willing to share their favorite home remedies, and through time and research, we were able to determine which ones really work. We discovered which herbs are truly helpful, and developed flavors that would be appealing to anyone with a queasy stomach.

As healthcare professionals, the creators are dedicated to helping people in need.  From traditional practitioners to the holistic and wellness communities, there seems to be a universal market for a flavorful and simple remedy that makes life a little easier during nauseous times. Three Lollies is thrilled to offer their customers a tasty way to ease their nausea and help through difficult times.

Preggie Pops are available in peppermint, spearmint, lavender, ginger, sour lemon, sour raspberry & sour tangerine.  They can be purchased in a 7-flavor variety pack, a sour flavors pack, an organic flavors pack, a mint flavors pack or an all ginger-flavored pack. A box of 7 retails for $3.95.


Preggie Pop Drops are available in sour lemon, sour raspberry, sour orange and green apple.  They're a hard candy alternative to the traditional lolly.  They come in a 21 piece pack in either the sour flavor variety or green apple only.  A package of 21 pieces retails for $5.50.


My personal favorite, Queasy Pops, come in peppermint, cinnamon, sour lemon, ginger, papaya, sour raspberry and green tea with lemon.  I love these because I tend to develop car sickness when I am traveling and these are perfect!  They come in a variety pack, a natural cola pack, a green apple pack, or a ginger pack.  A package of 7 retails for $3.95.

Queasy Pop Drops are the hard candy alternative to Queasy Pops and come in many flavors, such as ginger, sour raspberry, peppermint, natural cola, green tea with lemon, banana, papaya, & pomegranate.  A pack of 21 lozenges retails for $5.50.


Queasy Pops Kids are specially designed for children and come in natural cola, peppermint, sour raspberry, papaya, cinnamon, green apple and sour lemon flavors.  A package of 7 retails for $3.95.

Smoking Sucks Pops are effective due to a special formulation.  The unique delivery method allows you to replace your cigarette with the lollipop for those who have a strong desire to change their health & their life.  A package of 7 retails for $4.95.

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*three lollies donated a pack of preggie pops for g's baby shower.  
all opinions are my own and no money exchanged hands.  
thank you, three lollies.  you rock!

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