02 October 2011

I ♥ We Love Colors Crochet Fishnets!

My Dear Friends,

When I'm obsessed with an accessory, I tend to wear it as much as possible.  My latest love is my pair of black crochet fishnets from We Love Colors.  They're so funky & awesome!  I just wanted to share with you some of the ways that I would wear them.

a night out, perhaps? (we love colors crochet fishnets)

We Love Colors Crochet Fishnets

eShakti Quantam Grid Cotton Dress (Modern)

We Love Colors Croche Fishnets are made of an extremely durable Nylon/Lycra blend that can keep your legs warm. They also have a super cute croche pattern available in 51 colors.  They're perfect for mini skirts, casual dresses, formal dresses, vintage wear & more!  They're only $9.25 per pair at We Love Colors!

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*we love colors supplied a pair of crochet fishnets for review.  
all opinions are my own and no money exchanged hands.  thank you to we love colors.

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