26 October 2011

Triberr Explained.

My Dear Friends,

I've had some questions from readers as to what exactly Triberr is so I thought I'd share what I have learned so maybe it will help you out as well.  Keep in mind that Triberr is an evolving creature and adds new features all the time.  I'll try my best to keep you updated on the newest happenings. 

What Is Triberr?
Simply put, Triberr is a tweet multiplier - meaning when you produce a blog post, it goes into your "stream", also known as a queue where your Triberr followers will re-tweet said post. Your stream can be set where your tweets are automatically re-tweeted (auto) or where you must manually log-in to Triberr and re-tweet them yourself (manual).
Your stream is always available for viewing once you log in to your account.  You can pause or delete any of the tribe’ s tweets that your readers may find irrelevant or inappropriate at any time. Another Triberr term is "reach", which is the number of twitter followers of all your tribe members combined.  This means that all the members of each tribe I am in will re-tweet my post to their followers, and those people's followers will see my posts as well.  To see your "reach" just go to the Home Tab on Triberr.
It's like that old saying "one person tells one person who tells one person, etc...." but in a much larger scale.

Tribes:  Joining The Club
"Tribes" are like clubs.  You would join a tribe where you felt like you fit in.  There are tribes for pretty much every type of blogger.  Once you are logged in to Triberr, just click the "Tribes" button to be taken to all the tribes you belong to.  Another perk of Triberr is that you get to be a chief of your own tribe.  You can do whatever you want with your own personal group.  As a Chief, you start out with 3 tribes with 7 member slots.  Inviting people to Triberr or starting a "bonfire" (this will be explained in a minute) to recruit new members is easy.  Once you have your 7 member slots occupied, it will cost "bones" (Triberr currency) to add additional slots.  At this time, you can only be the chief of 3 tribes.
You are only allowed to join one additional tribe unless that new tribe inviting you has unlocked "inbreeding" (explained below).  The part I struggle with is getting NEW people to join Triberr.  You have to recruit 5 new members before you can unlock inbreeding and I have yet to get five people who haven't heard about the awesomeness that is Triberr.  If you are reading this, and are interested in joining, please email me at typicaltype@hotmail.com or send me a PM on Twitter at twitter.com/officialfitf.

Bones, Inbreeding, Bonfires & Karma...
Joining Triberr entitles you to 100 bones.  "Bones" are currency on Triberr which allow you to expand your tribe, join a tribe or set off inbreeding.  It takes 50 bones to join a group & 30 bones to expand a tribe.  You can get more bones by giving “karma”– a thumbs up or thumbs down system of approving or rejecting a post by your fellow tribe members.  The amount of bones you get for your karma choice varies.  I always 'thumbs up' posts, because why would you want to 'thumbs down' a fellow member?  If you are looking to get more bones without actually paying money for them, this is the way to go.

Inbreeding on Triberr allows you to add people who are already Triberr members into your tribe.  Inbreeding can start once you have 5 members in a tribe besides yourself.  Inbreeding costs 60 bones to add to your tribe.  It is well worth it if your focus is getting more exposure in the blogging world.

The purpose of a bonfire is to let people know you have a question or are looking for something, such as a tribe to join or members for your tribe.  Posting a bonfire is a great way to get your answers.

Tribe Rules & Regulations
Typically, the tribe chief will set some ground rules for their tribe.  After all, this is their own personal group and they have a right to approve or deny what gets tweeted out of it.  For example, one tribe I am in prefers that you have all tribe members set on "auto" so that you don't have to manually tweet everyone's posts.  If you feel you need to manually delete a tweet for any reason, you can delete them.  An example would be if a member has an adult related post that you do not feel comfortable sharing.

You can also decide to set tribe members to "manual" if you want to be in complete control of what you tweet out.  If you look in your stream and see a tweet highlighted in pink, that means it is either a manual tweet or a tweet that is too close to another one in proximity to when it is being sent.

Tribe Talkin'
Communicating with your tribe is easy.  When you select what tribe you'd like to talk with on your "Tribes" menu, it will take you directly to that tribe's page.  There will be a box to type in, so put what you'd like to say right there, then click send.  Simple!  For example, I am a member of a few Giveaway/Review tribes and we share with each other news of our current contests, great sponsor opportunities and the like.  It's a great way to keep your tribe members involved in your blog and help get new followers as well!

Triberr Dictionary
Tribe - The group you belong to or are chief of.
Chief - Leader of a tribe.
Bonfire - Kind of a "want ad" for new members or questions pertaining to blogging or the website itself.
Bones - Triberr currency.  Bones are used to expand your tribe or join a new tribe.
Reach - The number of Twitter followers of all your tribe member combined.
Stream - Your queue of posts being sent via Twitter.
Inbreeding - Where Triberr members ask one another to join a tribe.  Inbreeding only works when it is unlocked by bringing 5 new people to Triberr.

I hope I've helped you learn a little bit more about Triberr.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like an invite!  Thanks for reading Fashion In The Forest!


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