29 November 2011

Home For The Holidays Giveaway Hop Winners

My Dear Friends,

Please excuse my lateness getting this posted!  I'm so embarrassed that I haven't gotten to his sooner, but with Thanksgiving last week plus this over a week long battle that I'm having with Laryngitis - it just totally slipped my mind!  I'm so sorry, you guys!

So....without further ado, here are our Home For The Holidays Giveaway Hop Winners ---

Power Capes - Gloria S. Schumann

Zoobies - Judy Cox 

Jamba Juice - Christyn McKenna & Pauline Tran

Thank you to everyone who entered!  I hope you had fun!  Don't forget to enter to win in the latest giveaway - 12 Days Of Gifts Galore!  Click the link to enter!

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