02 November 2011

Stay Warm, Stay Connected - With Grandoe!

My Dear Friends,

The winter months are upon us and soon the need for gloves will be here as well.  With quite a few people out there carrying touch screen smart phones, wearing gloves can cause a problem.  After all, touch screens are heat-activated, and if you have frozen fingers, you're not going to be able to do much.

Enter Grandoe, the company behind the "Sensor Touch" touchscreen compatible gloves.  Made of a cozy winterknit cable design, these gloves have a very comfortable fit.  The infi-knit technology allows for complete connetivity throughout the entire glove - which means you can use your phone to your heart's content.

The Grandoe Sensor Touch gloves are perfect for smartphones, e-readers, tablets, mp3 players, ATM's, fuel pumps & GPS devices, keeping your hands warm and toasty while you're able to multi-task like normal - no matter how bad the winter weather gets!

I received a pair of red "Leto" gloves to review.  I like how the sensors are actually part of the material, instead of the eLink style fabric that is just attached at the fingertip like you find on other glove marketeres.  

The Sensor Touch™ gloves are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, for both men and women, including products constructed with patent-pending TouchTec® Leather, Infi-Knit™ Technology and Conductive Thread Technology.

TouchTec® Leather is uniquely processed with Nano Technology to mimic the touch of the human hand. This allows the wearer of a TouchTec® Leather glove to activate a touch screen device without removing the glove and exposing their hand to the cold. Men’s style Apollo (suggested retail $90) and women’s style Cupid (suggested retail $80) are designed to be functional fitting, classic looking leather gloves that allow for touch point control. Both styles are available in Black S, M, L, and XL sizes, with men’s Apollo also being available in XXL.

Infi-Knit™ Technology gloves have conductive material weaved throughout the glove for complete connectivity. The wearer can use any part of the glove to active a touch screen device. Men’s style Socrates (retail $45) and women’s style Leto (retail $40) feature a Winterknit™ design that allows for a flexible and comfortable fit. Socrates is available in Black and Grey in sizes M, L and XL. Leto is available in Black, Grey and Red in S/M and L/XL.

Men’s styles Sors (retail $40) and women’s style Helena (retail $35) are designed using Conductive Thread Technology. These two styles, available in black only, have an embroidered conductive index finger and thumb that will activate a touch screen. These styles are made with active-wear fabric and a unique palm design for flexible fit and extra grip. Men’s Sors is available in M, L and XL. Women’s Helena is available in S, M, L and XL. 

Final Thoughts:  I normally don't care for gloves as I think they feel bulky and are difficult to maneuver in, but these gloves from Grandoe have changed my mind.  They're lightweight, but heavy duty, which is something unusual in a glove but very appreciated.  I enjoyed the suede palms as it helps grip the steering wheel without slipping like normal gloves do.  I recommend wearing your gloves for a few minutes before trying them on your touch screen device as they need to warm up to your body temperature to be able to respond adequately. 

If you'd like to see the gloves in action, watch these videos from the Grandoe YouTube Channel to learn more:  Embroidered Fingertips, TouchTecLeather, InfiKnit, & Entire Hand.

Grandoe is kind enough to allow Fashion In The Forest readers to take 15% off any full priced luxury handwear purchase from Cire by Grandoe.  Just use promo code "SLELEVEN" at checkout!

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