28 December 2011

Dale & Thomas Popcorn is the BEST!

My Dear Friends,

I'm completely smitten with Dale & Thomas Popcorn.  They make the most fresh tasting, delicious, insanely good popcorn that you will ever try!  Those wonderful people sent me the Sparkling Snowflake Six-Bag Sampler Box to try --- and it was incredible!

Dale & Thomas Popcorn will never disappoint.  The flavors are unbeatable, highly addictive and the bags contain little to no seeds!  Perfect popcorn every time!

Try traditional flavors like butter, caramel, cheddar or chocolate drizzled --- or get crazy with flavors like bacon ranch, wasabi or summertime BBQ.  They've got all these flavors...and more!

Our elegant Sparkling Snowflake design adorns one of our best selling gifts! Share some of our most popular flavors with your friends, family, colleagues, and clients by sending them six bags of our popcorn fresh from the kitchen. Each bag of our terrific popcorn is one foot long and serves 2-3 people.  Retails for $29.99.

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