28 December 2012


My Dear Friends,

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27 December 2012

{REVIEW} Whole Fruit Sorbets

My Dear Friends,

I'm a sucker for anything sweet.  I crave sugar and candy like it's going out of style.  It's bad for me, I know.  I've been looking into healthier and tastier snack foods and I think I've found a better alternative than eating ice cream all the time. 

I discovered Whole Fruit Sorbets. 

They're part of the Whole Fruit Line by J & J Snack Foods and they come in these delicious flavors: Mango, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Coconut, Pomegranate, Blueberry & Acai, Valencia Orange and Lemon.  I've even read that the Lemon and Mango flavors won the Best Flavor award from Cooking Light Magazine!


These come in cute little 16 oz. pints and are naturally fat free and low calorie.  They feature chunks of real fruit and are busting with fresh fruit flavor!  I did some research on their website and found the Nutritional Values for each one.  These really are a healthier alternative!  The site also offers some great coupons to save when trying these delicious sorbets!

Personally, my favorites were the strawberry and lemon...but the rest of my household quickly dispatched the others.  They were a HUGE hit!  We made smoothies with the sorbets as a base, we made healthy fresh fruit topped sundaes, and we even made sorbet floats with Sprite!  So good!

Did you know that each American consumes a yearly average of 24 quarts of ice cream, sherbert, sorbet, italian ice and frozen dairy products?!  That's crazy when you think about it like that!  Well, if we're eating that much, we might as well make it good for us.  Trying Whole Fruit Sorbets is a step in the right direction!

Connect With Whole Fruit

*I was given a 5-pack of Whole Fruit Sorbets to try in exchange for an honest review.  No money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.  Thank you, Modus Marketing Group, for making this review possible!

20 December 2012

Coupons For The Apocalypse

My Dear Friends,

As everyone knows, tomorrow is December 21st.  Why not have a sense of humor about the whole Mayan Apocalypse thing and save yourself some money at the same time? :)

Coupons For The Apocalypse
Fighting Zombies all day can be a real headache:
You're gonna want something to do on those long cold nights:
Don't forget the kiddos, they're our only hope at repopulating the earth:
When your husband is out slaying the walking dead, he needs to smell good:
I hear blood stains are hard to get out of clothes:
And you certainly need to wash off the Zombie guts before dinner:
Snacks. Snacks. And More Snacks. Fighting Zombies is hard work!
Keep the putrid smell of Zombies out of your house (or what's left of it):
Fido and Fluffy can defend the homestead while you're scavenging for food:
Leaves and berries can be bland, sweeten them:
If you take to the seas to escape the Zombie herd, you'll need this:
Doesn't this stuff last forever?
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
Where else are you going to store the food you scavenge?!
You do have one of those camp coffee makers right?
And last but not least, you gotta look and smell good in the new world!


My goodness, these are trying times.  I'm the first to admit that life gets me down sometimes.  There are time when I don't want to get out of bed, let alone face the day.  But I do. 

My community has been devastated by horrific events these past few weeks.  We've had four murders.  Two were children.  There has also been a non-fatal stabbing and a series of break-ins.  For a small town like mine, these things just don't happen.  I know I sound naive here, but I'm serious.  Our town is literally in shock over these events.  You take that and add the hideous events of Sandy Hook....and that will make anyone doubt goodness in the world.

In times like these, I try to be thankful. 

I am thankful that I am healthy, have a job, & have friends, family and pets that love me unconditionally.  I try to remember that, no matter what my problems are, I am a fortunate person.  I may rant from time to time but all in all, I do not have a bad life.  I need to remember not to take that for granted. 

Life is precious and fleeting.  It's gone in the blink of an eye.  As I sit here this morning, I realize that I didn't mean to sit down and write this --- it just sort of, well, happened.  I just started typing. 

Resolutions.  Most of us make them, most of us break them.  Well, my number one this year is to BE THANKFUL.  I will honestly try my hardest not to break this one, even if I slip up on whatever others I make.  Because, no matter what is going on in the world, we all have something to be thankful for. 

19 December 2012

Coupons Galore!

My Dear Friends,

With the holidays thisclose and most people still trying to buy gifts while saving money, I thought I'd round up some coupons for your everyday purchased items.  Hope this helps a little!


Holiday Treats

In the Home

Personal Care

18 December 2012

Current Faves @ Peace, Love, Flair

My Dear Friends,

Have you heard about Peace, Love, Flair yet?

They're an online jewelry store that sells the cutest & latest fashion trends at really amazing prices.  I was shopping the site today and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

Don't forget to check out the Deal Of The Day while you're there!  Connect with Peace, Love, Flair on Facebook, Twitter, Blog & Instagram for special sales, deals & news!

17 December 2012

Free Shipping @ World Market....Today Only!

My Dear Friends,

I love Cost Plus World Market, don't you?  Well, if you've had your eye on something but haven't made the purchase yet then today is the day to do it!  There's FREE SHIPPING on everything.....PLUS 10% off!  You can't beat that!  Head over to Cost Plus World Market and pick up some awesome gifts and home decor right now!

07 December 2012

NEW: Novica Gift Finder

My Dear Friends,

With Christmas a mere 18 days away, I know that there are plenty of us out there (myself included) that still need to do some shopping.  One of my favorite places to shop online is a store called Novica, which is a subsidiary of National Geographic. 

There are so many beautiful and fascinating products on their site that, at times, I have gotten overwhelmed in my decision making.  It's really hard to decide on one product when there are so many beautiful items in their store! 

The lovely people at Novica heard our concerns and did something about it.  They recently introduced the Gift Finder.  There are so many easy ways to narrow down your search now - it makes gift finding a breeze!

Things get very specific very quickly.  Are you looking for gifts for him or her?  Romantic, cooking, jewelry?  There are gifts for the Adventurer, the Romantic, the Health Nut...and they're all so easy to find!

Did I mention that every item on the Novica site is handmade by artisans of various countries?  Their hard work and craftsmanship can turn your thoughtful gift into a much treasured momento.

Things get very specific quickly - Handbag Gifts for the Adventurer, Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her, Yoga Gifts for Men... we even have Cooking Gifts for the Animal Lover Man!  Search by gender, or price, or even by home decor or suggested gifts.

The holiday's are upon us - why not give your loved one something handmade and wonderful from Novica!

Here are a few of my favorite items:

I'm pleased to announce that Novica is one of my fantastic sponsors -- and you can win a $50 Novica Gift Card right here! Details will be posted soon on how to win!
Connect With Novica

I was given a gift card to Novica in exchange for this post.  No money 
exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.  Thank you, Novica! 

03 December 2012

{Review} Scala Sinamay Feather Spray Headband

My Dear Friends,
Since the booming popularity of Duchess Kate, fascinators have become hugely trendy.  This chic headgear has an unending appeal and versatility.  It's no wonder people love the trend!  
Dorfman Pacific offers the most comprehensive collection of hat brands in the country. The company's research, development and design departments are busy scouting the world for the best trends and materials so that retailers can offer consumers the paramount looks, always in the best quality and affordable price point. 
The upcoming Holiday, Resort and Spring collections offer many silhouettes, colors, patterns, designs and trims in a huge range of materials....wool, cotton, blends, acrylic, leather, suede and straw are just a few.  The use of organza and sinamay add a dressy feel.
The Scala Collezione Collection is one of Dorfman Pacific's most popular brands.  It features more than 50 formal looks retailing from  $30 up to about $150 for a very involved Sinamay style with a seven inch brim, netting and dyed to match feathers (and over $200 for a fascinator decorated with a butterfly motif and silk flowers in a 22 inch diameter!). Flowers, bows, ruffles and/or feathers adorn each style in stunning, eye catching intricate designs. All fascinators are individually boxed to protect the fine workmanship.  
Style LDF7 is a very popular style because it is flattering on all face shapes and has just the right detailing and trim for accessorizing most outfits. The headband is subtle but secures the fascinator so it stays in place through dancing, partying, cocktailing and the like. Black, White and Pebble are all top colors in the style and work with any and all outfits...perfect for consumers to pick up all three.
I was fortunate enough to get to review the Scala Sinamay Feather Spray Headband in white.  The sinamay bow and feather detail evoke a royal affair, making anytime this headband is worn seem like an event in itself!  The headband is comfortable and is a gorgeous fashion statement! 

  • This fascinator from Scala blends delicacy with dramatic effect to perfection and in several different color choices. Attached by a headband, the accent hair accessory crafted from sinamay and feathers is easy to put on and keep on. One Size. Imported. 

About Dorfman Pacific: Dorfman Pacific is one of the largest full-line, in-stock headwear companies in the world. The business, founded in 1921, began with a 5,000 square foot facility in Oakland, California as a small woolen dress cap manufacturer. Today, Dorfman Pacific has a 300,000 plus square foot facility in Stockton, California, showrooms throughout the USA (Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Honolulu), satellite headquarters in New York, New York and sells its product worldwide. Categories include a comprehensive collection of men’s and children’s headwear, women’s and teens headwear, handbags and winter accessories.
DORFMAN’S POWER BRAND PORTFOLIO – STYLING AND TECHNOLOGY OPTIONS FOR ALL! Select brands include....Scala™, Stetson® Cloth Hats and Caps, Biltmore Hats, Callanan, Cappelli Straworld, Inc®, Tommy Bahama®, Woolrich®, Stacy Adams, Christys’ London,  Sinatra™, Santana and Carlos by Carlos Santana, DPC 1921, DPC™, Tropical Trends, Panama Jack®, Milano Hats, Larry Mahan, ETSIS ™, Indiana Jones™,  Jacaru, Justin®, Blue Chair Bay™ by Kenny Chesney, Mossy Oak®,  hi-dee-ho and the NEWEST--Isaac Mizrahi New York™.
*I received the item mentioned above from Lipton Publicity in exchange for an honest review.  
No money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.  Thank you, Lipton Publicity!


{Review} FRAAS Touch Screen Compatible Gloves

My Dear Friends,

The rising interest in chic cold weather accessories is evident everywhere.  Fashion-savvy women are wrapped in great looking scarves and accenting their look with interesting hats and smart gloves.  As usual, FRAAS is on target
with a versatile collection of options for Fall-Winter 2012. 

          More than 100 new FRAAS brand styles are debuting in this season--many in multiple color choices.  Three on-the-mark and very stylish palettes and themes are apparent--Woodland Guardians, Mineral Explosion, and Decadent Traveler. Neutrals, jewel tones and accent pop colors provide savvy consumers with the right styling and best shades to work with existing and new wardrobes.

          Although historically known for its scarf expertise, FRAAS has added gloves and hats to its offering over the years and now consumers look forward to adding those FRAAS styles to their wardrobes, too.  I, for one, am very excited.  I am a big fan of the FRAAS company.  I have a few scarves and hats from this amazing company and they are staples in my Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Technology has entered the fashion accessories scene with TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE GLOVES.  FRAAS offers 3 chic options--retailing for about $30--a long scrunch, a ruffle, and a bow--22 options total in all the colors.

I highly recommend these gloves for anyone with a touch-screen compatible device. Those without a device will appreciate the attractive styling and affordable pricing plus one size fits all for buying ease.  Style 060579 is one of these three looks and is extremely popular thanks to its feminine ruffled hem. 

It is an Acrylic/Cotton/Poly/Metallic blend and is available in grey, blue-grape, black, rose, chartreuse, camel, teal and dark red. Keeping with cutting-edge design, FRAAS introduces these gloves with tech finger tips that are so well-matched to the glove, they are almost invisible. This offers a stylish and more lady-like approach for the tech-savvy customer.

         “Our goal at FRAAS is to give consumers great choices of unique products at realistic price points,” says Aimee Zucchetti, FRAAS Brand and Sales Manager. “The technology savvy glove grouping exemplifies the fashion innovation for which we are known and we are pleased to be able to offer such a timely style to consumers.
           “Whenever a woman wants to add a finishing touch and zest to her entire look—she can reach for one of our FRAAS styles and be 100% confident that it will produce the right effect. It is astounding what a difference a scarf can make and our new hat and glove options add that much more excitement to the total look.” says Ken Krieger, the VP of Sales.

I was fortunate enough to get to review a pair of these lovely gloves.  Mine are rose colored and are completely gorgeous.  I adore the ruffled hem and light touch these gloves offer.  These gloves work perfectly with my phone, allowing for use without having freezing hands!

Connect With FRAAS

*I received the gloved mentioned above from Lipton Publicity in exchange for an honest review.  No money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.  Image credit: Lipton Publicity, Google & Venus Loves Virgo.   


{Review} Humerus The Funny Bone

My Dear Friends,

Every once in a while, it's nice to sit back and have a laugh.  With everything going on in our busy lives, laughter really is the best medicine to keep us cheerful & happy.

Meet Humerus, the Funny Bone.

As we all know, the humerus is also called the 'funny bone' - although it certainly isn't funny when you accidentally hit it.  The Drew Oliver Company, famous for it's Giant Microbes line, decided to make the humerus into a literally humorous idea!  See, Humerus tells jokes whenever he hears a loud noise or clapping.  He also has a sidekick, Ulnar.  (Named for the nerve that causes pain when you hit your funny bone!)  Ulnar is part of the packaging, which can be used as a display item.

  • Comes packaged in his own Comedy Stage Gift Box!
  • Jokes sound-activated by clapping/loud noises
  • Dimensions: 11 3/4″ x 2″
Connect With Humerus The Funny Bone

30 November 2012

Dino Lingo

My Dear Friends,

Check out these new DVD's called Dino Lingo.  They're cute, fun cartoons that will actually teach children foreign languages! 

Here are some examples of the shows:

Make sure to check out the Dino Lingo Influenster Playlist!

29 November 2012

{Giveaway} Happy Holidays Giveaway Event!

My Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays ButtonWelcome to the Happy Holidays Giveaway Hop hosted by Mom to Bed by 8 and Life With Two Boys!

The holidays will be before you know it so to make things a little easier on you and your wallet we decided to give you an opportunity to WIN your gifts this year! Several awesome blogs have to come together to bring you some amazing prizes that will look great sitting under your tree Christmas morning. After you enter our giveaway make sure you hop around to the rest of the participating blogs for more chances to win!

Along with all of the individual prizes we also have TONS of awesome Grand Prizes for everyone on your list including Baby, Kids (boys and girls), Teens, and Adults. 

The Grand Prizes include a Babyhome Emotion Stroller, Little Tikes Classic Castle, Pillow Pets Dream Lites, Pillow Racers, Furby, $50 The Children's Place Gift Card, Nokia Lumia 900, and a Keurig Elite Brewing System!  Enter the Grand Prizes here!

My sponsors for this event are Pick Your PlumBeautiful Cov and Humerus!
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Don't forget to check out these other great participants' giveaways:

Disclaimer: Please note that the Happy Holidays Giveaway Hop hosts and participating bloggers (Including Fashion In The Forest/Life Of A Lost Muse) are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prize. We have represented each sponsor with the expectation that they will fulfill their prize in a timely manner. While we are not responsible, we will make every effort to assist the winner in obtaining their prize.

27 November 2012

{Review} Beam N Read

My Dear Friends,

I'm thrilled to be able to share a new review with you today!  My new goody is called the BNR LED 6-3 Beam N Read ® LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light.

"The Beam N Read Hands Free Light from ASF Lightware Solutions is a versatile, personal, portable, LED light that is worn around the neck and lights up personal space. Often compared with clip-on "book lights", a Beam N Read Hands Free Light delivers much more flexibility than a book light. It delivers a wider light than clip lights, easily works with newspapers as well as books, and provides anywhere, anytime lighting for tasks like knitting or writing without disturbing others. Battery life is a lot longer so the ongoing cost to use one is less. Standard alkaline batteries last for 120 hours in the Beam N Read LED 3 Hands Free Light with 3 bright LEDs. This compares to book lights with similar light that advertise battery life of 20 to 40 hours. Batteries in the Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light with 6 bright LEDs last for 50 hours compared to 20 to 30 hours advertised for clip lights with similar light. The utility of a Beam N Read light is further enhanced with its support for clip-on color filters, large clip-on hands free magnifiers, and AC and vehicle DC power adapters. Included accessories vary by model. You would have to buy several other lights to get the same functionality as just one Beam N Read. When you want an energy efficient, hands free LED flashlight with long battery life, a Beam N Read is the answer.

It seems like this light could have a multitude of uses!  From the obvious book light to a handy flashlight that you could use for almost anything, the BNR LED 6-3 Beam N Read ® LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light is a real lifesaver!  It's also great for some late night reading; it's the only reading light that offers clip-on filters to reduce the blue component of light when reading in bed at night.  When reading in bed at night, simply snap on the red or orange filter to warm the light and reduce the blue component of light & you're good to go!  There are so many uses for this great invention!  To see more, click here.

 You know what else is cool?  We're giving away 10 BNR LED 6-3 Beam N Read ® LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Lights!  All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!  The giveaway is open to US/Canada and runs from November 28th-December 17th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Connect With Beam N Read

Disclaimer-- I participated in a campaign on behalf of Fashionista Events hosted by Still Blonde after all these Years and Modly Chic for Fashion:  I received a review product as a thank you for participating. Fashionista Event bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes

26 November 2012

Influenster College VoxBox 2012

My Dear Friends,

I've gotta say, it's a very cool thing - being an Influenster.  You get to write reviews on an incredible variety of products, answer questions consumers (like you) may have, write blog posts and collect a huge variety of badges.  And then there are the perks....like this one.  I got chosen to be a College VoxBox reviewer.

Influenster sent me this box of really cool college-oriented items totally free.  I get to try out each one and give my honest opinions on each item.  I get to share my findings with my readers as well as other Influensters so that they can get an idea of what each product is about.  I think one of my favorite things about Influenster is that the reviews are by actual customers in my age range.  I get to hear what actual people my age think about things!  Super cool, if you ask me.

So, my College VoxBox 2012 consists of these things:  Tropical Necco Wafers, Energy Sheets in Mint Boost, Broadway imPRESS Press On Nails, NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner (Black) & a Pentel Energel-X Pen.

The following is what I thought about each product featured in my VoxBox:

Tropical Necco Wafers - These new treats come in six flavors: banana, lime, mango, passion fruit, coconut & strawberry.  The coconut, lime and banana flavors were pretty good but I truly did not like the passionfruit, mango or strawberry.  I am an avid fan of the original Necco Wafers but I will not be purchasing this new roll. 

Energy Sheets in Mint Boost - The taste was great, akin to a breath freshening strip.  It wasn't too overpowering, it offered a nice, clean taste.  The energy boost was mild but effective.  There were no jitters, no headaches.  I'd definitely buy these. 

Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure - As you can tell by the photo below, the pattern I received is pretty loud & wild.  I haven't used these yet as I'm going to save these for a day when the pattern is more appropriate.  However, I have used this brand before and while the nails are slightly flimsy and come off easy...they're supposed to.  They're a temporary manicure!  Those of you expecting long term results need to look elsewhere; those of you who just want a cool style for a temporary amount of time --- these are for you.

NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner (Black) -
Personally, I think NYC needs to tweak their formula just a little as I found the eyeliner to be a bit hard.  I used my curling iron to warm the eyeliner up a bit and it went on without a hitch.  I love the micro-glitter particles; they add a fun sheen to the eyeliner itself.  NYC products are very affordable.  I'd buy this liner to keep in my purse for quick touch-ups.

Pentel of America Energel-X Pen -
I use Pentel pens daily so I was happy to receive another one.  Pentel makes high quality, long lasting products and the Energel-X is no exception.  The gel writes smoothly and does not smear.  My left handed boyfriend liked this pen so much he 'borrowed' it from me (I'm SO not getting it back!).  He loves that he can write with it without having ink all over his hand!

Here's how you can connect with any of the brands mentioned above to learn more information. 


Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner

Necco Tropical Wafers

Sheets Energy Strips

Pentel EnerGel-X
Would you like an invite to Influenster?  
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 I received these products for free from Influenster.  No money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.  Thank you, Influenster!


It's a Cyber Monday miracle!  Paper Coterie is offering 50% off of their entire site of amazing products...but it's a today-only type deal!   Make sure to use code CYBER MONDAY at checkout to get your 50% discount! 

17 November 2012

{Giveaway} It's In The Bag!

My Dear Friends,

It'sInTheBagWelcome to the It's in the Bag Giveaway Hop hosted by Life With Two Boys and With Our Best! This is a "what's in your purse?" themed giveaway hop and will feature a variety of products that women find in their purse. Each of the participating blogs has an awesome prize worth at least $25 so after you enter my giveaway be sure to hop around to the rest of the blogs on the linky below.

Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Maggie Bags, we also have a fun Grand Prize for one lucky winner... A stylish Campus Tote and coordinating Key Chain (ARV $104)! Maggie Bags offers fashionable and eco-conscious handbags and accessories that are constructed from genuine automotive seat belt webbing. Ready to make a purchase? Use code: InTheBag for 25% off any Premier Collection purchase.

Enter the Grand Prize!

My sponsors for the event are:

Enter To Win:
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It's in the Bag participants:
1. With Our Best *Grand Prize* {$104;US/CAN}  54. Geanine Petraglia {NO GIVEAWAY}  
2. Life With Two Boys {$125;US}  55. Kelly's Lucky You {$86;US}  
3. So Easy Being Green {$30;US}  56. My Photopage {NO GIVEAWAY}  
4. Southern Girl Ramblings {$25;US}  57. Baking Beauty {NO GIVEAWAY}  
5. The Kids Did It {$27;US}  58. close to home {$80;US/CAN}  
6. A Year of Jubilee Reviews {$27;US}  59. Mom in Training {NO GIVEAWAY}  
7. Mom Caboodle {NO GIVEAWAY}  60. Vanessa Morgan {$25}  
8. Cuzinlogic {$88;US/CAN}  61. Dazzling Daily Deals {NO GIVEAWAY}  
9. How Was Your Day? {NO GIVEAWAY}  62. 1mommy2monsters  
10. Sweeping Me {NO GIVEAWAY}  63. Parent Palace {NO GIVEAWAY}  
11. Rambles of a SAHM {NO GIVEAWAY}  64. A Life Full of Laughter {$45;US}  
12. Mommy's Moments {$27;US}  65. Clip This Not That! {NO GIVEAWAY}  
13. Just Married with Coupons {$40;US}  66. Oddities of Parenthood {NO GIVEAWAY}  
14. NaturalHairLatina {NO GIVEAWAY}  67. Diary of a Working Mom {NO GIVEAWAY}  
15. Making Memories With Your Kids {US}  68. Chaotic Cantrells {NO GIVEAWAY}  
16. Style, Decor & More! {NO GIVEAWAY}  69. Coupon Queen of Texas {NO GIVEAWAY}  
17. The J4C Blog {$30;US}  70. Brooke Babbles {NO GIVEAWAY}  
18. Hanging Off The Wire {US}  71. Locomotion of Expressions {NO GIVEAWAY}  
19. Savings in Seconds {$59;US/CAN}  72. Glenda Cates {NO GIVEAWAY}  
20. The Mommy Kerrie Show {NO GIVEAWAY}  73. Queen of $5 Bling {NO GIVEAWAY}  
21. Wild N Mild Giveaways {NO GIVEAWAY}  74. Saving More Than Me {$35;US}  
22. The Rebel Sweetheart {$35;WW}  75. The Ladies Lounge{NO GIVEAWAY}  
23. Ashley Suzanne {$28;US/CAN}  76. Be Your Best Mom {NO GIVEAWAY}  
24. Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports {NO GIVEAWAY}  77. Blessed In Homemaking {$25;US}  
25. The Lucky Ladybug {$50+;US}  78. icefairy's Treasure Chest {$100;US/CAN}  
26. Literary Winner {$25;US}  79. Safeway Deals {NO GIVEAWAY}  
27. Cheap Is The *New* Classy {$38;US}  80. The Ordinary Aunt {US}  
28. Rita Reviews {$290;WW}  81. Allyson Bossie {$40;US/CAN}  
29. The Shopping Duck {$98;US}  82. Full Price? Never! {$25;US}  
30. Woof Woof Mama {$35;US}  83. Mom to Bed by 8 {NO GIVEAWAY}  
31. The Review Wire {$25;US}  84. Mom Blog Society {NO GIVEAWAY}  
32. Beautifully BellaFaith {NO GIVEAWAY}  85. Dani Sue Dreams {NO GIVEAWAY}  
33. BrideBlu | life, loves + handmade {NO GIVEAWAY}  86. Mary's Cup of Tea {$211;US}  
34. Simple Wyrdings {$25;WW}  87. Fashion In The Forest
35. Freebie Spot {$25;WW}  88. Game On Mom {$168+;US/CAN}  
36. Alas 3 Lads {$25;US}  89. free & frugal mommy of one {$45;US}  
37. The BOAT {$32+;US}  90. Pigtails, Puppies, & Pinot {$25;WW}  
38. My Little Pocketbooks {NO GIVEAWAY}  91. Lena Sledge {NO GIVEAWAY}  
39. MamaNYC {$25;US/CAN}  92. Woman of Many Roles {$75;US}  
40. My Devotional Thoughts {$40;US}  93. A fluff addicts blog {$65;US}  
41. The Mommy Island {$25+;US}  94. Seventeen Sirens {NO GIVEAWAY}  
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53. Rats and More {NO GIVEAWAY}  106. The Mommy Bunch {NO GIVEAWAY}  

 Disclaimer: Please note that the It's in the Bag hosts and participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prize. We have represented each sponsor with the expectation that they will fulfill their prize in a timely manner. While we are not responsible, we will make every effort to assist the winner in obtaining their prize.