27 January 2012

240Sweet: More Than Just A Marshmallow

My Dear Friends,

I'm obsessed with marshmallows.  They're fascinating.  Marshmallows are these fluffy, soft, delectable treats that are ever evolving.  Much like a spy changes disguises, a marshmallow can too - they can be any shape, size, or flavor.  The sky is the limit as to the potential of these tasty puffs.

I like to give credit where credit is due, because to me, food is a work of art.  Anyone can make food, but it's those creators...food artists, if you will, that capture my attention.  It's not only taste, but appearance & presentation that make food look truly delicious.

The masterminds behind 240Sweet, Alexa & Sam, set out to make unique, inventive hand-made artisan marshmallows that everyone would love.  It all began as Lemleys' Catering, a family business. (Alexa & Samantha are third generation operators!)  They began making candies to give customers as promotion for their catering service but as the demand grew, it turned into a full time business!

Treat your taste buds with any of 240Sweet's incredible flavors.  There's a marshmallow for everyone!  Are you a traditional marshmallow lover?  Try the Very Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, Meyer Lemon or Strawberry.  Do you crave something off the beaten path?  Try an Avocado & Lime, Lychee, Roasted Pineapple, Carrot or Caramel Apple.  Care to taste something unusual & unique?  Try the Beef, Red Bean & Sesame, Bourbon Sugar Churro, Turkey With Sage Dressing, Thai Chili, or Sweet Potato & Ginger.  How about a beverage flavored puff?  Try the Root Beer, Cherry Limeade, Mojito, Sweet Tea, or Coffee.  Like your marshmallow with a little extra oomph?  Try a Snickerlicious, Bacon, Maple & Toffee, Strawberry Chocolate Chip or White Chocolate Snow.  Want to sample a swirly marshmallow?  Try a Bananas Foster, Nutella, Salty Caramel Swirl, PBJ or Chocolate Covered Pretzel.  Would you just like something nice & sweet?  Try an Elephant Ear, Candy Cane, Cookies & Cream, Banana Pudding or Pumpkin Pie. 

The flavors listed above are just a sampling of the award winning 240Sweet Artisan Marshmallow Collection.  They are hand-crafted in small batches using local & all-natural ingredients.  Executive chef Alexa Lemley has created over 150 different varieties of marshmallow flavors!  Each of the marshmallow varieties will have a different texture, density & aroma. 

All of the sugars, salts & extracts used are 100% vegan.  The bourbon barrel products are really aged in bourbon barrels.  The smoked items are crafted in a cold-smoker that Chef Alexa actually built!  240Sweet is an eco-conscious company, packing with shredded paper of packing peanuts.  The shredded paper is down-cycled from their office & they re-use packing materials when possible.  The treats are minimally packaged using only "Made In The USA" materials.  Even the boxes used are from their hometown!

The great people at 240Sweet sent me a box of puffs from the January Marshmallow Of The Month selection to try.  This month the flavors are Peanut Butter Banana, Caramel Chocolate Chip, and Year of the Dragon Crunch.  Of course I squealed when I opened the box and discovered the awesome flavors. 

The first one I had to try was the Peanut Butter Banana.  I immediately thought of Elvis, which is funny because apparently The King was their inspiration!  It is a banana flavored puff filled with crunchy peanut butter swirls and finished with banana crunch dust.  Divine!  It's truly like eating a banana with peanut butter on top!

Next, I sampled the Caramel Chocolate Chip which is a caramel puff topped with tasty chocolate chips.  I bet this marshmallow would be amazing in a s'more!  I ate mine straight from the package, and yes, it is as good as it sounds.

I saved the most adventurous marshmallow for last.  The Year Of The Dragon Crunch marshmallow intimidated me a little bit.  I was curious to try, but afraid my picky taste buds would not be up to the challenge.  This one is a red bean-swirled vanilla marshmallow topped with a red bean pate de fruit & toasted sesame seeds.  I admit I had to Google what 'red bean pate de fruit' was before I decided to try it.  Pate de fruits is French for fruit paste and red beans are called Azuki beans which originate in China.  So much thought must have gone into the creation of this marshmallow!  I appreciate the blending of cultures to make this creative treat.  I tried it....and it was awesome!  So many different elements...the fluff, the sweet, the crunch!

240Sweet is proud to be part of Oprah's "52 Week By Week Resolutions".  They are #3 - 'Invest in a bag of impressive marshmallows'.  Take Oprah's advice and share some of these delicious marshmallows with a friend.

With Valentine's Day coming up, give the gift of puffs!  For a limited time, gift a subscription to the Marshmallow Of The Month Club and receive a free bonus membership for yourself!  Each month you will receive a package of three treat bags of 240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows with a signed letter from Chef Alexa about why she chose those flavors.  The first shipment will even include an "I ♥ Marshmallows" mug and a bag of their own European style hot chocolate mix!  To get this great deal, enter code "LOVE" at checkout!  This offer is good through Sunday, February 12, 2012.  (Checkout will not show billing for bonus MotM membership, but one will be sent to the billing address and one to the shipping address.)

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*240Sweet provided a January 2012 Marshmallow Of The Month box in exchange for an honest review. 
All opinions are my own and no monetary compensation exchanged hands. 
Thank you, 240Sweet, for these delicious marshmallows!

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Great post on such a great local Indiana business and even warmer and some of the nicest business owners around. Top Shelf. Thanks for sharing.