10 February 2012

Better Late Than Never....

My Dear Friends,

I've been totally bogged down the past few weeks with work, school, home...life in general that it just completely slipped my mind about announcing the winners for the National Popcorn Day & Spring Blogorama Bonanza giveaways.  I am SO sorry for the delay, and I promise it will not happen again.  So, without further ado, here are the winners (chosen by Rafflecopter):

National Popcorn Day
Dale & Thomas Popcorn:  Tracy Bryam
Spring Blogorama Bonanza
Giant Microbes:  
Amy Self

Alisha Kostiuk

Dale & Thomas Popcorn:    
Shirley Greenawalt Zolenski, Virginia Mugerdichian Rowell & Marcia Goss

$25 Gift Cards:  Rhonda McBride, Aranda Gibbs & Catie Russo
$10 Gift Cards:  Lisa Garner, Dee Wright-Wise, Michelle Tucker, Jude Skocki Kelly & Teresha Freckleton-Petite 

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