09 February 2012

Get Fit w/ ShaToBu!

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I've posted about ShaToBu many times before.  You can read those articles here, here & here if you like.  Why so many times, you might ask?  Well, to be honest, their products work! 

Where in the world did they come up with a name like Shatobu?  Well, it breaks down like this:  Tummy Shaping, Muscle Toning, Calorie Burning.  The company's main goal is to have women look slim, get fit & feel confident in themselves. 

The GET FIT collection is designed to tone muscles, burn calories and add control over those 'problem areas' that we don't want people to see.  Who wouldn't want to look more toned & shapely, not having to worry about love handles & muffin tops?  ShaToBu is called "The Workout You Wear" for a reason.  Not everyone has the money for a personal trainer or an expensive gym membership.  Just put on some Get Fit undergarments and go about your usual day.  In time you will see a difference.  ShaToBu is the only shapewear available that’s been scientifically proven to burn extra calories while you perform your daily routine.  It's true!  You actually boost your calorie burn while wearing their shapewear!

I was sent a pair of the GET FIT Shaping Tights to review.  I wear them to work as they look very cute with a dress, and I've even worn them under my dress pants.  I also wear them when I go walking (I try to walk a couple miles 3-4 times a week) and they not only provide warmth from the cold temperatures, but they help burn more calories!

Most ShaToBu GET FIT items are available in sizes S through 2X at really affordable prices ranging from $28-$88.  You can buy your own through their website or in department stores/websites such as Dillards, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Lord & Taylor and BareNecessities.com.  

Check Out These Before & After Photos!

The ShaToBu Get Fit Line also includes:

◘Get Fit Everyday Slimming Posture Supporting Tops

◘Get Fit Shapers

◘Get Fit Everyday Leggings

◘Get Fit Seamless Shapers 

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*I received a pair of ShaToBu Get Fit Shaping Tights for review from Lipton Publicity.  
There was no monetary compensation from either 
end and all opinions are my own.  Thank you ShaToBu & Lipton Publicity!

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