06 April 2012

FRAAS Animal Print Scarves

My Dear Friends,

You've got to see the new FRAAS Spring/Summer Animal Print Scarf.  Unless you live under a rock, you'll know that animal print is a huge trend, and has been for a while.  It creates a bold statement and can be worn as an outfit with minimal accessories or as complimentary accessories to an outfit.

FRAAS recognized the trend and created their own spin on the animal print craze.  Pairing the escalating interest in scarves and wraps with the long standing animal print trend, FRAAS is right on point.  The scarves are very versatile.  They can be worn to accessorize most any type of outfit.

If you're a girl into fashion, it won't be hard for you to find a way to incorporate this scarf into your wardrobe.  It's made of a lightweight material so it can be worn during the Spring/Summer season as well as Fall/Winter.  The scarf clocks in at 28 x 80 inches so it could also be worn as a wrap or sarong swimsuit cover-up!  It's perfect for traveling as it takes up very little space and is completely wrinkle free!

The Spring/Summer 2012 Collection of scarves features flattering mid tone and neutral shades.  The leopard print scarf (style #393085) comes in three color palettes - pink, green and brown.  They retail for $40. 

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*This review was made possible by Lipton Publicity. 
 I received the pink animal print scarf for review in exchange for an honest review.  
No money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.  Thank you FRAAS & Lipton Publicity. 

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