17 May 2012

The Latest Sandal Trends

The Latest Sandal Trends

Whether you're wishing to pursue design degrees or simply enjoy fashion, you should stay abreast of the latest fashion trends. Warmer weather is fast approaching, which means shorts, summer dresses, and skirts. To complete these, you'll need a nice pair of sandals. Read on to learn more about the latest trends in sandals for 2012:
  • Animal Prints and Skins – Animal prints and skins continue to be a big trend, especially on shoes. Wearing animal print shoes is a great way to get into the animal print trend and add a touch of style to any outfit. Most animal skins come in natural colors, which complement many differently colored outfits. Try to look for an option will lots of straps to make the most of this look. Ankle straps are particularly popular this season.
  • Braided Sandals – Braids are very big this spring and summer – and we don't just mean in your hair. Braided straps add texture to sandals, without taking away from your outfit. These work especially well on platform shoes. If platforms are a bit outside your comfort zone, try to choose a neutral color so the shoes work as an accessory rather than the center of attention. If you're a bit more daring, try a vibrant color. 
  • Brights – Bright, vibrant colors are a big trend in sandals this year. Think almost neon shades of blue, yellow, and orange. If you usually shy away from color, introducing a brightly colored shoe can be a great way to dip a foot in this trend (no pun intended). Solid colored shoes are a more classic look, while color blocked sandals are a more on-trend option. You can choose shoes that mix bright and neutral colors, or go all brights for a very in-style look.
  • Cut-Outs – Cut-outs are a stylish way to add interest to your footwear. Popular options include mesh, lace, and scallops. There are even shoes that are translucent but adorned with sequins and jewels. All of these options have great details, which make your sandals a stylish accessory that compliments – but doesn't take away from your outfit. Look for this style in flats, platforms, and heels. 
  • Pointed Toe – The pointed toe look is back in style this year. Try to choose a pointy shoe in an in-season color, such as brights or pastels, to stay even more on trend. You can also choose patent leather or suede options to add texture to your sandal. Pointed toes are a great look for summer, because they help to elongate the leg. 
  • Metallics – Metallics are still going strong! There are a couple of ways to wear this trend. If you want a less-intense look, try to look for sandals that have metallic details, like studs. Metallic toe caps are also an easy way to wear this trend. If you're feeling daring, go for an all metallic shoe. Gold and bronze look great, but silver is stealing the attention this year.


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