18 July 2012

At Home Bar Essentials (feat. Crosbys)

My Dear Friends,

For years now, I've wanted a small bar in my home.  Not some big gaudy tiki bar kind of set up, though.  No, more of a classy, Mad Men style.  You know, pretty glassware and cute little bar stools....

something snazzy, like this...

I've been thinking about it lately; what would I buy if I had this longed-for bar?  I checked out Crosbys to peruse their extensive collection of glassware and bar tools. 

 I had never heard of polycarbonate glassware before, but it seems like an excellent thing to invest in if you're wanting to build a nice collection.  In my experiences, people get less coordinated when they drink.  Having virtually unbreakable glassware would be an excellent solution to the "oops, I spilled my drink & broke your glass" issue!  

I'm also digging some of their genware products.  Every at-home bar needs things like drink strainers & bottle openers, cocktail skakers & glass rimmers.  I'd need all of those things!  Oh, and wouldn't it be cute to have a little drink stand with napkins, drink picks & colorful straws?!  It would be so cool to have the bottle with the fancy pourers on them, too!  (Can you tell I like to play hostess?)

Do any of you have home bars?  If so, are there any essentials that I missed?  If you don't have a home bar, would you ever think about having one in your home?  For me, it just seems like a throwback to an older era.  I like the nostalgic feeling that it invokes.  Being your own bartender, making fun drinks for your friends...it all seems very fun to me!

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