31 July 2012

Be A Sponsor!

My Dear Friends,

Fashion In The Forest is growing on a daily basis.  I have been blessed to work with great companies and bloggers alike.  It makes me happy that I can use my blog to promote other businesses, shops, and bloggers.

Here are a few reasons why I think you should promote with Fashion In The Forest:

1.) I love to blog.  I blog here and at my other blog, Life Of A Lost Muse, at least 4-6 times per week.  Each post could be an opportunity for my readers to get to know you.
2.) My follower base is strong and steadily growing.  I utilize many forms of social media to get my content out there, assuring the maximum exposure for you.
3.) I'm happy to go the extra mile.  Would you like to share a coupon code, a sale, or a flash giveaway?  Need to highlight a certain product or just have something special to share?  I'm your 'go-to' girl!
4.) Feel free to check my stats.  I post them monthly right on the Sponsor or Advertise page.  I'm also available to chat anytime via the Contact Me page.

Please Note:
All of my advertising options include a monthly introduction post and amplification through Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  All ads are displayed on the my right side column.  The ads will rotate throughout the month for maximum exposure.  I only have a certain amount of each size ad per month but if the spot you want is booked, it is open to reserve for the next month. 

Here are some examples of ad sizes:

Mini (100x100):  $2/month

Small (150x100):  $4/month

Medium (150x150):  $6/month

Large (200x200):  $8/month

I can also make a custom sized ad to fit your needs.  Just email me with your info. & I'll get right back to you!  If you're interested in putting your ad on this site, please check out the Sponsor or Advertise page.  If you'd like to participate in a free ad swap, send me an email via the Contact Me page!  I'd love to hear from you!

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