09 August 2012

Furniture Pairings (featuring Webbs of Crickhowell)

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever heard of Webbs of Crickhowell?  They carry several collections from designer Frank Hudson that I just love.  Formed in 1947, Frank Hudson Furniture is a family run business that features beautiful designs as well as excellent craftsmanship.  I truly enjoy browsing the various styles; whether it’s the French Renaissance style of the Annabel, the sophisticated Louis Philippe, the beautifully curved Vermont or the classical English look of the Spire – there’s a range to suit you and your home.

I also really like the David Gundry collection of sofas and chairs.  Designed and manufactured by hand since 1972, David Gundry blends traditional craftsmanship with the finest quality materials, making each suite a timeless classic. Each suite can be customized to produce an exceptional piece that is as beautiful as it is unique.  I actually think the Lusso collection by David Gundry would go quite nicely with the Louis XV furniture of Frank Hudson, don't you think?

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