09 August 2012

{Sponsor Spotlight} EveryIota.Com

My Dear Friends,

I love snail mail.  I know some people consider it an outdated form of communication, but I love it.  I send out snail mail whenever I can.  In my opinion, getting a nice handwritten letter in the mail is a thousand times better than a "hey, what's up?" email.  I even send out handwritten thank you notes with all of my Etsy orders.

Well, as you know, one of our amazing sponsors for the Back To School Bash is Every Iota.  I'm browsing their incredible website, ordering up a storm, and I get to the stationary section....and I realize, I HAVE THAT!  (Did I mention that sometimes I am less than observant?)  Here I was, already using Every Iota for my stationary needs, and I didn't even realize it!  There's this cute little store called The Jewelry Box that I frequent.  They only carry the cutest and most fun products around.  Well, I buy a lot of my stationary sets there --- lo and behold, I'd picked up an Every Iota set and not even realized it!  I guess, long story short, is that I need to pay better attention?!

Every Iota is so much more than stationary, though.  They carry tote bags, votive holders, picture frames, journals, office & kitchen supplies and more!  One of the main things that I love about Every Iota is their designs.  They're so vibrant, full of individuality and attitude. Do yourself a favor and check out the goodness that is Every Iota.

Don't forget to enter to win some Every Iota goodies in the Back To School Blast Giveaway.  The giveaway runs from August 1st through midnight on August 14th.  You could win the awesome prizes listed below!

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