18 September 2012

Introducing: Once A Week Chic

My Dear Friends,

A wonderful thing hopped in my inbox today.  It was an email about a new clothing & accessories site called Once A Week Chic.  

Once A Week Chic: Shop this week's look now

The goal of Once A Week Chic is to bring you today's most coveted pieces in a single look that's complete from head to toe.  Inspired by today's global trendsetters, they've scoured the best boutiques to put together the best looks while keeping cost in mind.

They'll send you a new chic look directly to your inbox each week.  This look will be advertised for for one full week or until we fully sell out of that look.  At that point, they will introduce the next look, which will be kept on the site for one week as well.  You can by the whole outfit or shop piece by piece.  Orders are usually shipped between 2-4 business days so you'll get your new glam fast!

1 comment:

ellen ross said...

Very cool thanks, i need more looks to blog about anyways!