10 September 2012

Obsession: The Philippe Starck Ghost Chair

My Dear Friends,

I'm absolutely head over heels for the Philippe Starck inspired Ghost Chairs.  If, perhaps, you've never heard of them - let me fill you in.  There are typically two different versions of this chair:  The Louis & the Victoria.

I've been eyeing the choices that Lakeland Furniture offers, but my problem is that I can't decide what color I want.  For example, the Louis comes in blue, black, clear, ivory, purple, red, rose pink & smoke.  The Victoria comes in gold, smoke, rose pink, white, clear, black & aquamarine. 

I know I'll purchase one (I'm leaning towards a Louis in either clear or ivory white.) soon, as I really need a new desk chair plus Lakeland Furniture offers amazing prices for these gorgeous chairs. 

I really like the clean lines and old world Victorian style that these chairs are modeled after.  Philippe Starck has been a visionary in the design field for some time, and I personally consider him to be a fantastic artist.  The Phillippe Starck inspired ghost chairs at Lakeland Furniture come with a 2-year warranty, 30-day return and free UK delivery - with all those wonderful features, there's no reason not to order!

The Louis retails at £80.00 ($128 US) while the Victoria retails at £70.00 ($112 US).  The children's version of the Louis, called the Lou Lou, retails for £30.00 ($48 US).  

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