26 October 2012

Black Friday Ads: Victoria's Secret & Bath and Body Works

My Dear Friends,

It doesn't seem like it's almost time for Black Friday yet.  Where has this year gone?!  With Thanksgiving in less than a month, stores are gearing up for Black Friday.  Two of my favorite stores, Bath and Body Works & Victoria's Secret, have already released their door-buster deals.

At Victoria's Secret you'll get a sparkly sequined tote with four products in it for free when you spend $65 or more.  I'm not certain what the products are yet but I do know this deal will be available in store and online.

At Bath and Body Works you'll get a gray tote with a sequined cosmetic bag plus a loofah, 2 lotions, 2 body washes and a candle.  The value for this tote is over $100.  No details about how much this will be have been released yet, but last years bag was $20 if you spent $40, I believe. 


SarahJane Miller said...

this post makes me so excited! I LOVE black friday! wooohooO!


Tiffany Faming said...

I love Victoria Secret too. Thanks for sharing this deal!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

oh great - I totally had Black Friday out of my mind until I saw this post...the big debate - whether or not to wake up and fight the crowds. haha. thanks for linking up today on the last GFC hop! now following you!