15 October 2012

Christmas Tree Shopping w/ Hayes Garden World

My Dear Friends,

I can't believe it's almost Christmas.  It's a little more than two months away, and my goodness, it does seem to be approaching swiftly.  Everywhere you look there are decorations, trees, gifts...it's a lot to take in.

I have a sad fact to admit to you.  Last year, I didn't put up a Christmas tree.  Not at all.  I just couldn't get into the Christmas spirit.  This year, however, I am putting up a tree.  The day after Thanksgiving, to be exact.

I'm thinking about getting a tree from Hayes Garden World.  They've got a massive assortment of trees ranging from artificial to pre-lit, real to luxury.

If you are looking for tips on how to shape your trees like the professionals then have a look at this video demonstration. You should end up with a tree with evenly spaced branches and ready to decorate.

Hayes Garden World is offering a really great deal on select trees!  Certain trees get a FREE PE Garland & a FREE Tree Bag with purchase!  You can't beat that!

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Kait said...

I love Christmas! this just made me so happy HAHA!