04 October 2012

Coming Soon @ Grainger Games


My Dear Friends,

The simple fact is that you or someone you know is a gamer.  With Christmas coming up, there will be a great number of new, exciting games hitting the shelves.  Staying informed on release dates is an excellent way to make sure you get the game you, or the person you're shopping for, wants.

Another great way to make sure you get that coveted game is to pre-order it.  Securing your copy keeps you from being disappointed when the store sells out and allows you to avoid those slow, irritating lines.

Here are just a few of the soon-to-be released games that are available for pre-order:

Some of these games even have great pre-order bonuses!  What are you waiting for?  Head over to Grainger Games to get your games now!

This is a sponsored post.  This post contains links to Grainger Games.  All opinions are my own.

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