11 October 2012

Gardening w/ Two Wests & Elliot

My Dear Friends,

I consider myself an amateur gardener.  I love that every time I go outside to water or tend to my plants, I feel a small sense of pride in what I've managed to grow.  I don't have an outdoor garden, all of my plants are in pots & planters.  My yard isn't the best place for a garden as it doesn't drain well plus we have a dog that would most likely tear everything up.  Using pots & planter is a perfectly great solution for me, though, as I've found some really great products that suit my needs just fine.

Take these strawberry & potato planters, for example.  These pots take away any of the hard work - it saves you weeding, it saves you putting down straw, it makes it harder for slugs to reach your plants and by covering with netting when the plants are in fruit the birds won’t be able to eat them. 
  If you're having trouble keeping birds, animals or other pests out of your garden, you may consider getting a fruit & vegetable cage.  These cages not only keep pests away, they give stability to your growing plants. All fruit and vegetable cages from Two Wests & Elliott come complete with a choice of fruit and vegatable cage netting (dependent on size and style) either strong ¾" mesh anti bird netting or 3/8" mesh anti butterfly netting. Also available is 6" mesh pigeon netting. 
I personally don't have room for a greenhouse, but I am looking into options for a mini-greenhouse.  Two Wests & Elliott carry a huge line of mini greenhouses in many sizes, shapes & colors.  They offer small free standing and lean to greenhouses, in lots of styles and designs, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.  There are wooden, aluminum and plastic mini greenhouses and cold frames, from leading suppliers such as Elite, Access, Gardman. Palram and Chaselink, as well as many of their own design and manufacture. 
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