24 January 2013

{Sponsor Spotlight} Devon Elizabeth

My Dear Friends,

I'd like to introduce you to someone.  Her name is Devon Elizabeth, and that also happens to be the name of her blog.  Devon is one of my sponsors this month, so please show her some love!

Devon is a 19-year-old music undergraduate to-be, a knowledge enthusiast, and a lover of all things South Korean.   She's from Leicester, England but currently resides in the Highlands of Scotland where she lives with her parents, younger brother, parrot, and dog.

Devon's blog fascinates me.  She's such a bright, ambitious girl.  Currently, she's working on a project called Lifescouts.  Lifescouts is a badge-collecting community of people who share real-world experiences online.  They re-blog the badges earned as well as share the stories with their blog followers.  As new badges are added, the participant is prompted to earn that badge, therefore creating new stories and things to do with friends.

Another great facet of Devon's blog is her amazing taste in music.  Visit the Monthly Mixtapes section to get your hands on her personal picks.  While this is a few feature to the blog, I'm sure it will be a hit!  Make sure to visit 19 Before 20, a chronicling of deeds Devon hopes to complete before she hits the big 2-0!

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Aw, wow, thank you! This is amazing! <3 xoxo