26 February 2013

Paper Pastries: Confections For Your Correspondence

My Dear Friends,

Every once in a while, I discover a company that I love so much I have to share with you.  Such is the case with Paper Pastries

Paper Pastries is my one-stop shop for all things cards, photography, stamps, prints & stationary.  They even carry loads of adorable desk accessories! 

If you remember, Paper Pastries was one of my sponsors for the Fall Fashionista event last year.  I follow Margaret on Instagram and am constantly in awe of the gorgeous items she has in her shop.  

I'm the proud owner of a Custom Calligraphy Return Address Stamp in the "Henri" style.  I use it on all my outgoing shop mail and have gotten so many compliments on it!

 (isn't the lettering awesome?)

Margaret's stamps are all handmade; meaning that they are hand lettered, done with a calligraphy pen and dip ink.  As is the case, each one is going to look a bit different from the sample shown in the photos.

I truly enjoy reading Margaret's blog, also entitled Paper Pastries.  She has an incredible eye for style.  Whether it be home decor, gifts, stationary - she is spot on with recommendations.  Seriously, it's the best.  There are sometimes personal stories on there too, like how her cat got it's name, that are just so endearing - it makes you feel like you're friends.

There are many ways to connect with Margaret & Paper Pastries.  Visit her shop or blog. Follow through Instagram, Google Reader, Flickr or Pinterest.

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