08 February 2013

Score Big w/ Anagrammer.com!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of anagrammer for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My Dear Friends,

Anagrammer.com is a very helpful word research resource that is used by millions of people every month.  Over the last 10 years, the people behind Anagrammer have been hard at work building intelligent word game tools.  While it's true that most of their users are "word geeks" who are fine-tuning their skills, memorizing obscure words and dictionary definitions, they also have millions of users who simply need to use our site for a "quick cheat" in order to get an upper hand by serving an game-ending blow to their opponent by playing an off-the-wall word to clench the winning score in a game of Words With Friends.  (I am SO guilty of this.)  Their #1 goal, however, is to provide fast and useful tools for every type of user.

The site is fun, colorful & easily interactive.  It's quite easy to find what you're looking for as well as which section will help you best with whatever game you're playing. 

Some of their most popular tools are:
Scrabble Words Finder (anagrammer.com/scrabble/)
Words With Friends Cheat (anagrammer.com/words-with-friends/)

To mark their successful 10th anniversary, Anagrammer has decided to release a widget that can be embeded into any blog or website.  You can view this amazing app by clicking here.

This awesome new widget is a user magnet when it is installed on a website.  Research shows that when this widget is installed on a blog,  the visitors to the blog spend, on average, extra 8 minutes on the page.  As visitors interact with the widget, it decreases the bounce rate of the visit, helping the blog/website owner to rank higher in search engines.  Anything a webmaster can do to increase the time his visitors will spend on his site are HUGELY valuable, wouldn't you agree?

Widget Code & Live Demo

This widget is not only attractive to many different types of websites, it is especially appreciated by game/entertainment loving readers.  Millions of people regularly play Scrabble, Words With Friends or Hanging With Friends, Boggle, hangman, wordfeud, letterpress, etc.  If your website has any such visitor, rest assured they are going to fall in love with this widget and keep returning to your site to grab their highest scoring words (many times per day, in a lot of cases!).

The Anagrammer Word Finder widget is also a great addition to blogs or websites who are lacking any interactive features.  As webmasters, you learn the importance of engaging and enticing the visitor.  You want them to return to your site.  This handy little widget will get you there!

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Kim Croisant said...

How fun...I've always read where us bloggers need to "engage" our readers more. I'll look into this further to see if I'd like to have it on my site. I love word find games, but normally do them on paper...so this is different. I've heard of Words with Friends, but am unfamiliar on how that all works. It really sounds fun though.

Thank you for joining in on my very first blog hop at Tuesday’s Thoughtful Comments. I hope you enjoy your stay and that you’ll come back next week to link up your awesome blog post. Have A Happy Day, Kim at Mommie…Again

MikiHope said...

I play words with friends all the time! And do I keep getting horrible letters!! This would help ME out greatly--especially since the words used for scrabble and the ones used in words with friends are not the same!!

Taylor Gilmore said...

This seems like a nifty little gadget. I'm not sure I'd want it on my blog but it's definitely worth looking into.