07 February 2013

{Sponsor Spotlight} Jay's Boutique

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever wished that you could crochet or knit but just don't know how?  Jay's Boutique is here to help.  Jay's Boutique has two stores, one that sells kitting patterns and one that sells finished products.

These are just a few of the awesome products found in the Jay's Boutique Goods Shop!

These are just a few lovely items you can make from the patterns found in Jay's Boutique Pattern Shop.

Let's get to know Jay, shall we?
What makes you 'you'?
I love working with my hands! I feel that if you can make it yourself, why not? Why spend $20 on something you can make in 20 minutes? I love crocheting especially. It is so versatile, and you can make nearly anything out of it! I crochet every single day, sometimes for hours, sometimes just a quick project. But I do it every day. If I have an order, I'm working on that - if not, I'm coming up with a new design :)

What inspired you to create your blog/business/brand?
My grandmother taught me how to crochet years ago, but I couldn't find any joy whatsoever in it. I was too impatient! Then last December (2011), my sister wanted a headwrap for Christmas and asked me to crochet one for her. I decided to try, and even though it took 6 tries before it was good enough to wear, I had the headwrap for her for Christmas! I started my etsy shop not long after that. It sold hats, headbands, pillows, anything and everything I could make. Soon, though, I began to design patterns, and turned that etsy shop into a pattern shop ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/jaysboutiquedesigns ). Then just a few weeks ago, at the beginning of 2013, I started a goods shop. I sell crocheted slippers mostly, but also a few hats and headbands. It's small, but already I've gotten a few orders to keep me busy :)

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