13 April 2013

{Review} BA Star Cosmetics

My Dear Friends,

Were any of you cheerleaders or on the dance team?  Did you, perhaps, dance in recitals or compete in gymnastics tournaments?  Here in the South, that was a part of growing up - and a fun part at that!  I remember all us little girls, anxious for recital day, standing in line to get our makeup done like the big kids so that we would be beautiful while on stage.

BA Star is a company that specializes in gorgeous makeup for those types of events!  Whether you're dancing, cheering or tumbling - BA Star will look great on yo.  They've got glitter, palettes, stardust, shadows, lipsticks, mascaras, liners, lashes, blushes, bronzers & even the tools to apply all in one place!  They've got the whole nine yards when it comes to being prepped & prepared!  They've even got stickers, bags, headbands and tags!

BA Star is your one-stop shop for all things fabulous!  Now you can try BA Star at an incredible discount!  Use code BBSMOKY for a 50% discount on all items.  Imagine the great prices being even cheaper!  You can't resist a deal this good.

One of my favorites is the new Smoky Eye Shadow Palette.  This super affordable palette contains 3 High Pigment Eye Shadows + 2 Glitter Gels to add extra Sparkle & Shine and comes in four color combinations: Smoky, Natural, Pretty N Pink & True Blue.

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