03 April 2013

{Review} FRAAS Mystical Coast Collection Scarf

My Dear Friends,

I've had the opportunity to work with FRAAS many time and each time, I've completely loved the item I've reviewed --- and this one is no different.

The Mystical Coast Collection of scarves are bright and cheerful, soft and sheer.  I was given a lovely coral scarf to review.  Style #623949 is an impressive 40"X72" in length and can be worn many different ways. 

It can be tied, wrapped, or used as a shawl.  I've even worn is as a vest.  The scarf is very lightweight, which is great as it can be worn in all seasons.  It's perfect for travel as it can be compacted down to easily fit in your purse.  I sometimes loop mine around my purse handles to give my purse a little pop of color. 

Versatility is a key factor in this scarf.  It can easily be dressed up or down.  I've worn it casually with a fitted t-shirt & shorts, to work with a cardigan & dress pants and even on a night out with the boy, as an accent to my dress.  I've gotten quite a few compliments on it already!

FRAAS not only makes scarves but many other accessories as well which can be purchased online, in-store or directly from the company by calling 212-575-0191.   

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I received the scarf mentioned above from Lipton Publicity in exchange for an honest review.  No 
money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.  Thank you, Lipton Publicity!

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