17 April 2013

{Review} Tie Society

My Dear Friends,

My boyfriend has been gradually trading in his polos for button ups so that he can look better in the business world and with that comes the need for accessories for men.  Adding a tie to a nice button up shirt completes your look, giving you a nice, polished appearance. 

Ties are expensive, though, and you need so many.  Who wants to wear the same tie every day?  The solution to this problem is clear --- join Tie Society!

Tie Society is "Netflix for ties" aka a subscription service for aspirational men looking to dress for success.  It all started when two guys who met on Sundays to drink beer and watch football started swapping their ties from their corporate jobs. More & more friends became involved in the trade, until the collection was taken online and Tie Society launched in November 2011.


It's a genius idea!   Simply choose the ties you want.  You are free to keep them as long as you want.  When you're tired of that tie, or just simply want a new one, just exchange one and a new one will be sent to you.  Did I mention that there's free shipping too?

Tie Society wants to offer you 50% off your subscription!  Just use code TSTRIAL3 to this incredible deal!

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Jake Kuczeruk said...

Love the post! Try us out at www.tiesociety.com- that discount code will certainly help cut down the cost!