08 April 2013

{Sponsor Spotlight} R Treasures Boutique

My Dear Friends,

By now, you've all seen the gorgeous Mustache Bracelet that R Treasures Boutique is giving away in the Showered With Love Giveaway Event, but you may not know much about R Treasures Boutique themselves....yet.  I'd like to introduce you to R Treasures Boutique, one of my April sponsors here at Fashion In The Forest. 

R Treasures Boutique is a Kansas city based store that offers a fabulous selection of high quality accessories that are sure to go above and beyond your expectations. 

"In life, there are those of us who strive for excellence in various forms. Some choose to connect with their community. Others work furiously for the pursuit of education and knowledge. Still, there are those who aspire to not only climb social and corporate ladders, but to own and dominate them. But what happens when all of those attributes are combined into one dynamic person?  You get Roxanne Gary.
Roxanne Gary a Kansas City native, has recieved her Masters in OD in Spring 2013. She has been featured in KC Magazine as well as Spaces Magazine as has been featured in several diffrent fashion shows located in Kansas City, Missouri displaying her collections at Kansas City Fashion Week Spring and Fall 2012! To stay updated with Roxanne and and her R Treasures Boutique follow her at www.twitter.com/rtreasuresshop or www.facebook.com/rtreasures.

Meet Roxie, as her friends call her. Roxie is an effervescent spirit who embraces every stranger as if they are long-lost friends. Roxanne is also is no stranger to hard work bringing over 9 years of marketing, advertising, and property management experience to her new endeavor. Roxanne's passion for accessories grew from the special time she spent with her grandmother, Ocie Sanders, and her crochet creations. Sparked by the feeling of being a "little lady" with a pocketbook on her arm, Roxanne has taken a simple family treasure and turned it into a passion.

Launched in 2011, R Treasures Boutique is an exclusive handbag and accessories boutique for the confident and fashion forward women in mind! Featuring a mix of exclusive lines with fresh spins on the latest trends and classic mainstays in the fashion industry. I hope to inspire women to chase their dreams!!! Make "R Treasures" Yours!
" -Mission Statement

Stock up on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, handbags, rings & even cold weathers accessories all in one place at R Treasures Boutique.

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