08 May 2013

AMDRO: Pests Be Gone!

My Dear Friends,

I'm so excited to tell you about my new BzzAgent promotion for the AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System.  In my neighborhood, all of my neighbors have pets & with pets come pest problems.  We've all talked about how to safely get rid of unwanted bugs & weeds in our yards before.  We all have gardens as well, but have problems keeping bugs out of them.  Until now.

When I came to them & told them about the AMDRO system, they were very surprised.  They'd never heard about it before but were very interested. I explained the process to them, how easy it was to use, clean and store.  They all wanted to try the system so I gave them some coupons to help with the price.  In my opinion, this is an innovative system and I am fortunate to have learned about it. 

The system itself is a breeze to use.  Simply fill the container with water and attach the spray gun hose.  The spray gun as an opening for the bottle of your choice.  Simply screw in the bottle and the sprayer will mix with water and deliver the perfect amount of pest or weed control solution.  Clean up is easy as well.  Just un-attach the bottle from the spray gun and spray out clean water for 10 seconds or so to flush the system and you're done!

Personally, I like to use the spray around the perimeter inside & outside of my house as well as spraying the door frames, inside & out, plus any cracks or crevices that I notice could be places where bugs come through...so I spray those as well.  You can never be to thorough!

My biggest bug problem is in our mud room.  We keep the cat & dog food in there so we have pest problems occasionally.  This spray keeps the pests at bay & where they should be --- not in my home!

I received the above mentioned products for free from BzzAgent.

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