07 May 2013

Fashion With A Purpose - The Young Designers Collective

My Dear Friends,

Have you heard of the Young Designers Collective?

It's an association of artists and designers based in New York City who design for non-profit organizations to promote good will as well as gain exposure individually and for the cause they're working towards.

The Young Designers Collective is sponsored by SI Design and Consulting Inc., Navigators USA & the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund and in turn, they provide young designers a platform that would have otherwise been difficult to build and gain recognition with on their own.  In an ever-shrinking world, working together to achieve success has never been more important.

They allow for a free exchange of ideas and talents, thereby fostering the growth of artists and art in commercial design.  The Young Designers Collective mission is to strive to bring appreciation back to the artist behind the designer, to quality or handmade products, and to a more sustainable future.

From design to production they believe in fair trade and source materials with this in mind.  By “doing well by doing good”, they connect their designers to non-profit organizations in order to create a favorable outcome for both parties. Both benefit from the high quality products designed to produce revenue for the organization and promote the designer’s name into a new or national market. With philanthropy and fashion hand in hand, they hope to further charitable works as well as bring new talent to light sooner than ever before.

 Founders Harmony Pilobello, Shilpa Iyengar & Hanh Lam

The Young Designers Collective has a fascinating site.  Take time and meet the designers, learn more about the sponsors or flip through the look book.

Recently the Young Designers Collective donated Heart and Soul Charitable Fund, which was presented at their annual gala auction at Christie's Auction House.  Some of the pieces available are shown above but for a full list, with photos, please check out the auction catalog to see all of the items available for sale.   Items were auctioned via Charity Buzz and all proceeds went to a charity supported by Heart & Soul, demonstrating their commitment to philanthropy and the important part that art and design can play in facilitating a cause.

I'm very excited to share with you that the Young Designers Collective will soon debut a line of teen active wear and accessories for the Navigators USA, which is a national youth service organization started in Harlem in response to the discriminatory practices of the Boy Scouts of America.  Now 45 chapters strong, the Navigators USA continues to grow rapidly across the country.  The new line will launch this fall for release in Spring 2014.

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