01 May 2013

{Review} May Designs

My Dear Friends,

As an admitted organization nerd, I just love things like calendars and planners.  Sure, I have events & dates that I save in my phone, but nothing compares to an actual paper planner.

With a May Designs planner, you get to create your own book.  You can pick the design and colors plus you can add a monogram or your name to give it your own personal flourish.

The books are a little larger than a checkbook so they fit into your purse without taking up much room.  The books have weekly as well as monthly pages so you can jot down all of your "to-do's".

When I made mine, I went with the regular lined paper but they also have graph paper if you so choose.  You can make a notebook, a planner, pregnancy diary or one of many other options.  The options for cover designs and monogram designs seem endless! 

Here's how the simple 5-step ordering process works:

It's that simple!  I think the hardest part for me was settling on a design!  There are SO many gorgeous color combinations & patterns that it was just so hard to choose!  The prices are very, very affordable!  Don't miss out on these amazing planners!

The picture below is my May Book.  Isn't it cute?  One of my lovely readers will have a chance to win their own May Book very soon!  We're giving one away in the Something Special For Mom Giveaway Event which starts May 10th!   Make sure to come back and enter to win!


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Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm your caboose in the train blog hop! :) You have a really nice blog and I'm looking forward to reading more. Following on GFC. :)


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

'People against ugly notebooks' How funny! I love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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