12 August 2013

Looking for a buyers agent? Look no further.

The entire process of locating a home, whether it be your first starter home or that mansion that you can finally afford, can be a stressful process. It’s a huge investment and a responsibility that you will be reminded of every month. Trust me, I know firsthand. You see my wife and my children, our little family, recently relocated to South Florida from Los Angeles. Don’t worry it wasn’t a crazy move as we were both born and raised on Florida. So we’ve got many friends and family over here in Florida but the prospect of finding a great little home that we could also afford was stressful to say the least.

The great part is that with all of those friends and family we were bound to find a buyers agent that could help us. So as you can imagine my wife and I cracked open the laptop, fired up the cell phones and started asking everyone that we knew in South Florida for recommendations on someone that could help us. But we were picky on what kind of agent we were looking for. We wanted someone that knew South Florida real estate intimately not just someone that dabbles as a real estate agent on weekends.

After about a dozen or so calls and emails from my wife and I we kept hearing the same agent’s name over and over again. The name we heard was Susan Rindley. So as you can imagine we wanted to see if she had a website and how competent she seemed after our friend’s recommendations. You can tell the minute you land on Susan’s homepage that she will seriously be able to help you find a home. She certainly helped us.

 This is a sponsored post brought to you by your friends at Susan Rindley.

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