26 August 2013

[REVIEW] PeachSuite.Com

My Dear Friends,

Having worked in a hotel, I've always been a little fascinated by the seemingly endless supply of necessary items (toiletries, towels, pillows, etc.) that are always on hand.

I began to wonder who the force behind this was.  That's when I discovered PeachSuite.com - a hotel supply online vendor.  This site seriously has just abotu everything you could think of pertaining to the hospitality industry.

Peach Suite even carries hotel bar supplies!  You can stock up on bar equipment, glasses, bartender supplies & more!

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Peach Suite caters to Atlanta hotel supply needs all over the area.  Don't feel left out though, Peach Suite can help you no matter where you are.  The site can help with any size order --- and save you money in the process.  You won't have to go through transporting supplies yourself or the hassle of local deliveries.  Peach Suite provides the convenience of having the products shipped directly to your location, cutting out all the middlemen.

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