16 August 2013

[Review] Rosetta Translation

My Dear Friends,

Each month I get a monthly stats report and as my blog grows, my stats show that I am gaining readers all over the world.  What an amazing thought....that my little blog could draw people in from all over the world!  It's wonderful and humbling to connect with people who have an interest on what my blog focuses on --- saving money, reviews and giveaways.

I got to wondering about how people from other countries read my blog.  My posts are in English so I figured there must be some sort of translation service that allows the text to be translated into the language of their choice.  I got to looking around through various sites but the one I really liked was Rosetta Translation.

They specialize in high-quality translations for corporate clients, including legal translation, such as contracts, both for corporates and legal firms.  One very interesting face is that 8 of the 10 leading UK law firms use Rosetta Translation on a regular basis.

Rosetta Translation specializes in multilingual language solutions.  The headquarters are in London but they also have offices in Shanghai, New York, Luxembourg and Paris.  Some services offered include interpreting, localization services, transcription, subtitling and document translation in over 150 languages with an emphasis in legal, technical, financial and life sciences translation.

If you're in the market for any of the above mentioned translation services, I highly recommend you check out Rosetta Translation.

 This review was brought to you by your friends at Rosetta Translation.  This is a compensated/sponsored post.

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