07 November 2013

Find&Save for Black Friday!

My Dear Friends,

It's almost time for Black Friday!  I can't wait!  I go every year and I love it.  It feels like a game show to me, like Supermarket Sweep or Shop Til You Drop, racing around trying to get good deals!

Find&Save is the perfect destination for Black Friday shoppers.  Use Find&Save to plan and maximize your shopping experience.  Find&Save arms shoppers with the tools they need to research local sales, products and retailers in their area, find the deals that are important to them, map store locations, create shopping lists & get deal alerts. 

Find&Save is available across all tablet, mobile and web browsers, as well as on Find&Save® for iPad, with Find&Save for iPhone coming soon.

Are you a Night Owl shopper or an Early Bird shopper?  Me, I'm a little of both as I go to the evening sales on Thanksgiving Day as well as the early morning sales on Black Friday.  

Most people put a lot of planning into their Black Friday adventure.  Find&Save has done extensive research to bring you the most detailed survey information about Black Friday shopping patterns, brand loyalty, motivations and time spent shopping.  It's a really fascinating read, which you can view here.

This is just a small example of all the detailed information you'll find in the article.

Consider Find&Save your window to local savings.  I've been using the site on my PC and can't wait for it to arrive for iPhone.  There's nothing like finding a good sale --- and with Find&Save, it couldn't be easier!   

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