08 November 2013

Fortune Girls - Empowering Girls To Dream Big!

My Dear Friends,

#adFortune Girls is about empowerment.  Fortune Girls is a MOVEMENT!  They remind us that if you dream big then you can get big things done.  They strive to remind young girls that they are each special and unique in their own way and that it is so very important to believe in yourself.

The Fortune Girls were created by tween Madison Ruiz and her mother; with the mission, concept and characters created with a single goal in mind… to create a lifelong recipe for personal success. They want to empower young girls and encourage them to think about how they can make a difference, not only in the world, but in themselves as well. The international characters are super funny, quirky…..much like the average teen girl!

What Fortune Girls Is All About.

The Fortune Girls are in the midst of their Kickstarter campaign and soon the website will contain content and games, animations, and much more! They want to invite all tween girls and their friends to join them on this exciting journey!

If you'd like to donate to their Kickstarter campaign, click here.  Every little bit helps!

Fortune Girls is honored to introduce the multi-talented 8 year old Chalet Lizette Brannan as our Fortune Girls Celebrity Tween Ambassador! Chalet is a true Fortune Girl as she's following her dream.  Check her out in three new projects! She’ll play Sarah Moon in the Western movie “Ride The Wanted Trail” and Delilah, who will be the mini-me of country singer, Caroline Rich in her new sitcom “Swallow Your Bliss”.  This show will take aim at the food cooking shows. Also, in theaters next Summer, “A Horse For Summer” with stars Dean Cain (Superman) Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon) and former USA Beauty Pageant winner, Lee Meriweather (Catwoman).

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