19 November 2013

Happy Birthday RocksBox!

My Dear Friends,

Celebrate RocksBox's first Birthday with 15% off gift memberships & purchase credit!  Just use code "ICING" to get that fabulous discount!  On top of that, if you're a new member, you get $10 off your first box!  Click here to check out RocksBox today!

Here's what I got in my first RocksBox!  


The Sunburst Pendant Necklace in Sapphire Blue Faux Stingray is by House Of Harlow 1960 (top right & bottom middle photos) and retails at $46.40.  It's a lovely lavender color and the disc is quite large, about the size of the bottom of a soda can.  It's lightweight, though, and completely gorgeous up close.

The Sia Gold Filled Necklace from Salty Fox Jewelry (top right & bottom right photos) retails at $70.40.  This necklace is extremely lightweight and delicate on the skin.  As you can see from the photos, the necklace is short in length.

My favorite out of the box was the Sunday At The Windsor Pendant by Samantha Willis (top right & bottom left photos); it also happened to be the most expensive, retailing at $124.  Apparently I have expensive taste!  It's a gorgeous genuine turquoise pendant with crystal detailing and features a large twist chain.  I felt like this piece was an updated 1920's style and I loved it!

The cool thing about RocksBox is that you're kind of renting the jewelry.  Keep it & wear it until you're over it (or want to buy it).  Send the pieces you don't want anymore and RocksBox will send you new pieces!  There's a feedback sheet with each box that let's you decide whether you liked, loved, hated or want to buy the pieces.  Send that in with your box and that helps personalize what they'll send you next!

Check out RocksBox today!  Remember, new members get $10 off their first box and that you can use code "ICING" to get 15% off all gift memberships & purchase credit!


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